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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

It's absolutely mind boggling how this huge this blogging craze has become. When I spoke to [NAME REDACTED] last and he mentioned his blog, he said "we've all got one." I took that as "Rusty, myself and maybe a couple of other people occassionally write in blogs." What it meant actually was "The world is blogging, where the fuck are you?"

I'll give you the 10 peso version of blogs. The term "blog" is short for "web log." Now "web log" is like the term "good looking lesbian." Supposedly they exist but no one's actually seen them. No one has a "web log." They have a forum where they can express their ideas without fear. For the first time, anyone with access to the internet can post their thoughts, feelings, commentary, and ideas without a gatekeeper rejecting anything.

It's like our own personal newspaper or periodical. Bloggers played a minor role in getting Bush back in did John Kerry but I think he did that indirectly.

So this phenomenon (probably spelled that wrong, but it's my fucking blog, I can do that) has really turned into our mouthpiece where 0s and 1s can come together to form our thoughts for the masses. Look at the levels it can reach. Take Tony Simon for instance. The man is a VERY well known blogger and if you wanted to take it a step further, you could have a small argument that Matt Drudge is a blogger as well. The possibilities are endless.

You say you want a revolution? Well ya know, we all wanna blog the world.

Ponder that shit for a while.

Moving on...

Fuck Dodgeball...but 24 owns. The Jack Bauer Power Hour rolls on.

Thanks to everyone who said little encouraging things to me. I don't mean to bring my personal emotions to this blog...I really don't. But sometimes the only way to really get things off of my mind is to write them out. Since I have people asking for new blogs on a consistent basis (which is a great actually give a damn what I write about), sometimes I just blog what I'm doing in my life without any kind of purpose as to why you should know.

Here's the picture of the day. I wonder who was having the most fun.

Until next time kids...

Be safe.
Blogger Corley said...
Talk about hitting home. No fair that you have that pic, and I don't.
I love how your delivery, personality, and your whole Kit-ness just comes screaming through on these blogs. You're one of a kind, brutha!