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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

After 2 or 3 good and serious blogs I figured now was a better time than any to bash a few liberals and do it in a light-hearted manner. We all know how I'm all about caring and sharing so I'll try to not hurt any feelings today.

Gas is $2.22 a gallon here. That is fucking unacceptable. I mean honestly. I was all for drilling in Alaska 4 years ago but the Libs swore we didn't need to do it. Let's save the environment. And now, instead of being proactive, we're being reactive and everyone's got a drill in their hand.

So again the Libs set the precedent of Bush = Bad.

My wallet thanks you so much for your struggle.

However, to give fair insight, it's not an oil shortage that's driving prices. It is our dependence on other countries for oil as well as our lack of refineries (I could've spelled that wrong) to refine the oil we have. The refineries we have are outdated and environmental groups lobby to keep us from building more.

Thanks again Libs.

Moving on to a brighter subject: How much I hate diets.

So far I've lost a whopping 8.5 pounds. Not that much but honestly you can tell a difference. However, that last 1.5 pounds is a bitch to shake. That fucker is just holding on for dear life. Of course I have drank a decent bit over the past few weeks. St. Patrick's Day, wedding this weekend, Wrestlemania last weekend, Easter....just kidding about Easter. But that should give you some insight as to why I've felt the need to party.

Now some important dates to keep in mind before I go.

April 9 -- Miranda's wedding. I'll be in Perry to see the good lookin gal get hitched.
April 15 -- Tax day and pay day...isn't it ironic? Don't ya think?
April 22 -- Trip to Athens.
April 23 -- Trip to Wrens for Amos' engagement party.
May 14 -- Jeb graduates at GSU
May 15 -- Pay day. Which probably means another trip to Athens.

Let's all hope gas goes down. If it doesn't, you might hear Wal-mart say "Wal-mart. Always low prices...until oil goes above $57 dollars a gallon."

Here's your homework assignment for this week. I want each of you to visit a bar sometime over this upcoming weekend and strike up a conversation with someone you have never seen or met before, preferably someone good looking. Keep the conversation VERY friendly without flirting AT ALL (which is always tough for me). I want you notice how the other person reacts to you. If you talk to someone and they don't act like you're trying to court them, I'd like to hear about it. I got a feeling though, nearly 99% of all the people who do this will encounter someone who either wants a free drink or wants to buy you a free drink. Don't accept no matter what you do. The purpose of this is to show how we are so consumed with sex. We can't even carry on a conversation in a bar without people presuming we want to get down.

Until next time:

Be safe.

P.S. -- If someone's offered you a drink, wait 5 minutes after you turned them down and then get your free drink. I'm not about preventing anyone from free alcohol.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
if youre within 34 miles of me... i expect a call... and ill have a bottle waiting...

Anonymous Tim...:) said...
damnit... i forgot to leave my name...yeah imma dumbass...

Blogger JOJO said...
You know the problem with the homwork assignment is that if the other person does think i am trying to "get down" and is not against it I am gonna get an incomplete :(

See ya this weekend

Blogger tony said...
Oil prices are not going up because of a lack of domestic infrastructure or a dependence on foreign supplies. Market makers make an educated guess as to existing and future supply while simultaneously analyzing existing demand and forecasting future demand.

Problem is, China and India are exploding. The two countries together represent well over two billion people and their appetite for petroleum is increasing exonentially. For instance, the number of cars in China will increase tenfold in our lifetimes.

ANWR, whose reserves, if drilled today, won't be available to us for at least ten years, represents a glass of water tossed onto the scoroched desert floor. It won't make a single bit of difference.

We need to be spending everything we have on alternate energy sources. Will I miss my V6? Absolutely. But if we continue to depend on oil, then we're already dead, Liberal douchebags and Conservative dickheads alike.

Blogger Staisha said...
you gets annoying/old/whatever when guys just talk to me at bars for that chance to "get down"...we all know i'm taken and for some reason that means my conversation w/ guys usually ends the second my status is reveiled...and we all know i love my guy friends and i love making more guy friends (simply b/c guys are more laid back with no drama) a few weeks ago i met this guy (at a bar), actually thought he was gay, and he had the GREATEST personality and we were all promising to hang out, keep in touch, etc...but right after we exchanged numbers (and he swore he'd call me the following week) it came up that i had a boyfriend and suddenly that was the end of that (i still think he was gay...just for the record)...but anyway, i guess my 'blog' within your blog is just me agreeing w/ you on your statement that our society is consumed w/ sex. And i'm not saying that it's wrong to be that way b/c, well,.. who doesn't like sex??! but it frustrates me personally when all i want to do is be your friend! So, conclusively, i've performed your experiment bunches of times (and even milked a few drinks out of it)...and it's true, it's sex...not a lasting friendship...that's on the mind