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Geez man. Is the "Pope TV" gonna end? We got it. He's a big time dude in the Catholic Church. He's like THE guy...with a hat. He reads from a big book too. But given all this, do we really need 24 non-stop hours of white smoke? Hell if you wanted that, set up a camera outside of [NAME REDACTED]'s house when he's writing music.

I honestly think the white smoke came after all the media outlets sent in notes saying "please make it end." You know as much as we hated watching it on TV for the past 2 weeks, the news anchors for the major networks had to have hated being there. Right now they're saying "Thank God" in a much different way than any of those Catholics hanging out with nothing better to do. Priests are the exception though. They could be there because basically, their bosses were locked up with no way of knowing the Priests were just partying...or touching children.

Here's what gets me, though. Some people have been following this too closely. Even though Rusty followed because he's like a 6-foot Vegas, other people were actually more interested in how conservative the Pope was going to be.

Have we really become so red state/blue state that even the Pope has to be labeled? I got news for all you guys. The Pope is the head of the CHURCH. The CHURCH is conservative. It's not like this Pope is gonna just come right out and say "How about that Hillary Clinton?" He ain't gonna fuckin do it. Stop trying to make news where there is none. I mean we all know some folks were hoping this new Pope would say "Birth control is cool." Well he's not. But even if he did, would that make him a more liberal pope? Shit man.

Fuck left and right. Bring back right and wrong.

Back to Pope Watch. I really don't like the name. Every time I hear it, I'm like "Pope Eggs 16th" or "Pope Traitor 16th." I still think he would've been better as:

Pope Johnny Number 5!!! He's Alive!!!

I hope you like that picture. I've laughed all day since I conjured that image up. I must credit an online friend of mine for putting that together because I really REALLY screwed it up when I tried. If you make any money off of it, you owe us both copyright money. At least I hope so.

Alright, I think I'm gonna close out this edition of the Dawg-gone Blog. If you haven't noticed, I'm going to make a serious attempt at blogging every day. If you'll notice, I've added a site meter and all of my friends' blogs off to the side. Feel free to check them out as well. I want to really build traffic to the site. Why? I don't know and I couldn't even tell you. Let's just say since I don't have the balls to actually write and perform the stand-up I've always said I was going to do, then I'll just write and perform here for you guys. And who knows, maybe along the way I'll say some important shit.

Until next time...

Be safe.

Blogger Stacy said...
Mission accomplished....that shit is absolutely hilarious. I love you!

Blogger Russell said...
That is some funny shit.