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Friday, June 10, 2005
As I sit here at home eating lunch (today I had a little business to do on the Islands so I figured I'd save a buck or two and eat here), I thought I'd post a little update of something I found absolutely hilarious.

However, before I go any further, I invite everyone to watch the full video to "Ass Like That" to your immediate right. It's a good chuckle regardless if you're a fan of Eminem or not. By the way, if you want me to try and get some specific videos (they have to be popular so random shit will not be available...sorry) to play here, I'll give it a whirl.

Moving on. I feel it is my duty as a politically-minded individual to keep you abreast (insert chuckle here followed by joke about my man boobs) of happenings in the world. Part of living in this country means paying attention to The War Against Terror, or "TWAT."

*Editor's Note: We all know I am incredibly greatful for the sacrifices made by military families. If you come to me with "I can't believe you'd trivialize those sacrifices with a TWAT joke." Then I will destroy you.*

If you'll notice, I have posted a current Terror Alert Level meter to your immediate right. It is my duty as a citizen of this country to keep you informed and so therefore, consider yourself informed.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.