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Tuesday, June 07, 2005
Damn I'm tired. It'd be nice to get one decent night of sleep. However, since I apparently complain ALL the time in my blog (I'm not going to lie, that statement is accurate), I'm going to refrain from any kind of bitching whatsoever about my job, my search for a new job, or how damn poor I am.

What I will say is that I had an amazing time last weekend. I got to see nearly every single person I've ever been close to all within the course of about 3 days. It was absolutely stunning. In fact, I got to meet new people that I had always wanted to speak with, but couldn't for whatever reason, which is mainly because I just wasn't cool when they were.

[NAME REDACTED] -- Thanks for allowing me to say the wrong things at the wrong time and I'm not just talking about the Roast. You have always backed me up when it was deserved and sat me down when that was deserved as well. I truly consider you one of the greatest friends I have, even though I'm pretty shitty for not keeping up as much as I could have. However, I know completely what you're going through and just like you used to let me bend your ear about Medium D, you can bend mine about what you're experiencing. Those emotions are still fresh in my mind. My couch is always available for a weekend retreat to the beach should you ever need one. Thank you for your friendship and please understand that I will always look up to you because even though you had instances where you could have been a complete ass (even when it was deserved), you always sacrificed for the greater good, whether they knew it or not. Thank you for introducing me to my first drink of humility...and my first Jack and Coke.

Moving on. Sara(h) Oob is shit hot. I told her so. Laura and Ln are as well, but since they know this because I've told them, it's not that big of a deal to say it again. Also, Mike Oob, Leslie and Jim all rock my face off. Oob is taller than I remember...both of them.

Scott and Mike, holy shit it was great to see you guys. Along with [NAME REDACTED], both of you each bring your own greatness when being with other people. I'd trust both of you with nuclear secrets should the situation ever present itself. Mike, if I ever get roasted, I hope you can do an impression of me like you did with [NAME REDACTED]. It was dead on.

Russ, Ln, Tim, and Leigh -- THANK YOU FOR ALLOWING ME TO BE A PART OF THAT ROAST. I'd go on and on, but honestly, that's the strongest statement I can make. Also, it was fantastic to see all of you. Russ, I hope you don't mind me sleeping with Ln...I just booked our rooms and we got 2 queens for 4 people. If she snuggles me, though, I can't blame her. I AM that soft. Also, mad props to my homey Bitch D for the spins, yo. Trey, you can be the narrator for my Lifetime movie.

Moving on yet again.

Amos' bachelor party is this Friday at 9'ish. Basically, just get here. I've got a few things planned but it will involve a guys' retreat with strippers and alcohol. Yes, we are doing this Kit Kitchens style bitches. Bring your ass if you can, all (excluding the female gender) are invited.

I'm tired. Can't say that shit enough.

Again, thank you all for a wonderful past weekend and I really hope I can do a better job of keeping in touch with each of you. Sorry if I've been off the map for the past year, it's just been a helluva ride and I wasn't strapped in at the time.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.
Blogger Meghan said...
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Blogger Meghan said...
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Blogger Meghan said...
Kit.....well said. I know you said this past weekend that we'd never meet again, but since Oob has talked me into this blogging thing I had to check out yours too. Good fun meeting you, hope I didn't offend (everything was said jookingly, and I know you know it)! Good to get trashed with you (twice) and regardless of what you think I hope someone plans a reunion and we all see each other again. - Meghan

Blogger Ludakit said...
By the way, Meghan it was nice to meet you too and even though I didn't add you to the main body of the blog, you should find solstice in knowing it was because I didn't want to spell your name incorrectly.

And you can meet me long as you bring your DSL's with you.

The Notorious One strikes again!

Blogger Stacy said...
Aw, you're cheating on me....and how come I wasn't mentioned?? I made you eat cheese fries BPT style TWICE! It's ok, I know you love me. :)

Blogger Oob said...
Stop... you're making me blush.

Hope you fully recover soon.