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Thursday, July 21, 2005
Ok, this is going to be a highly politicized rant, so if you have any problems with that, then you know where the "X" is on your screen. Feel free to disagree with me all you want and even call me a douche bag in my Comments section. I won't delete what you say, but I may respond.

We all know that I support the war in Iraq. I don't want to harp endlessly on it anymore. However, now is the time where I harvest the seeds that I planted months ago when I first started ranting on political correctness, the ever-growing problem of politics, and how it's absolutely destroying America. Now I will specifically target Liberals here mainly because they're doing the most bomb throwing with the harshest of words and terms.

I stumbled across this dipshit's blog today via my friend Russ(ty). Now this person is the epitome of what I'm talking about when I say that some people just don't deserve to live here. Sure, he probably pays his taxes on time, works for a living, and has a good life with good friends. However, how arrogant can you be when you blast the people that have died for your freedom to be able to throw your bombs? You, my arrogant acquaintance, are an asshole.

You have no idea of anything outside of yourself and yes, my words are well thought-out and though I may lean more red than blue, how dare you say you feel "EMPATHY for comrades in arms." Your "empathy" is actually "empty" with an extra "a" and "h." I hate to let you know but words that are bombs eventually become real bombs at home. You don't agree with the war in Iraq or the War on Terror and so you, being of sound mind and body, KNOW that it is the absolute truth. Well open your mind a touch and let's expose you to a few facts:

1. The attacks on 9/11 were A LONG TIME COMING. This means that when it failed in the early 90s, it was on your liberal hero to take a stand then. However, he did not and we were attacked. It happened on Bush's watch only 7+ months into his presidency. So, what was going on for the 8 YEARS that your liberal hero was in office? Now I will agree that Clinton did well for our economy and I disagree with my conservative friends when they say he was a horrible president. I think he was a good one, but weak on defense, thus leading us to where we are now. Get off your Anti-Bush horse and get down here with the MAJORITY OF AMERICA.

2. Saddam Hussein was shopping for nuclear weapons, he killed hundreds of thousands of his people testing biological weapons, and he was harboring terrorists. End of story. We have not found WMD's but we know he had them and we know he was shopping for them. He wasn't Time's "Man of the Year." I wish we hadn't taken him out so sloppily, but this is NOT the next Vietnam and it isn't as bad as you think. Do me a favor and go to a military town. Ask a soldier that has been in Iraq what's really happening over there. Hell, even go so far as to READ MAXIM. They had an article from soldiers about what's happening over there. Take a read.

3. We will be attacked again. Want to know why? Because we're winning. However we aren’t doing as well as we should is because we're too busy fighting ourselves over here. Liberals are in our Senate comparing our administration to Nazi Germany. You think that speech doesn't travel overseas? You know what fosters Anti-American hatred? Liberals comparing Gitmo to a torture camp, comparing Bush to Hitler, and even Newsweek saying we're flushing Korans down the toilet. THAT is adding fuel to the fire. People are throwing bombs on the Senate floor to encourage you, the weak minded, to vote for them for "change." Wake up; you're being played for your vote.

Stop listening to what Hollywood tells you and start opening your eyes a little. You'll claim to know it all and you'll even jump on that "No war for oil" bandwagon. Well if you want to do that, ride your ass over to Canada or Mexico. Wait, you don't want to live anywhere but America? Hmmm, interesting.

I hope you read this blog and I hope you do your best to blast me in your response. I'd love to go round by round with you and trust me, I'd win. You will probably stand up and reference that I'm questioning your patriotism for being Liberal, as you wrote in your blog. I'm not questioning your patriotism, I'm questioning your resolve. Everything comes at a price. It is not your RIGHT to live in America, it is your PRIVELEDGE. You are not entitled to anything and even if you were, then someone died for that sense of entitlement. I don't ask you agree with the war in Iraq or even the War on Terror. What I do ask is that when you feel the need to rant, do it in a responsible manner with thought instead of the same Liberal copy points that were "spoon-fed" to you by Kerry/Edwards and the entire DNC. Either you can appreciate what you do have and find the facts for yourself, or you can kiss my ass and live in the bubble you've constructed.

It's your choice; after all, that's what free will is right?

Until next time kids.

Be safe.
Anonymous Kati3079 said...
All I have to say is WOW... It's a good WOW but WOW. Right on!

Blogger alfredblog said...
hey man,
thanks for checking my blog out. it's nice to have fellow bulldogs out there writing in, especially those that disagree with me. but i'd like to clarify that it is just that. you have no right to assert some kind of authority over me and my experience.
i am not a democrat.
i am not spoon fed.
that is the only part of your rant that i gotta call bullshit on.
i simply disagree with you.
every member of my family is in the military. i didn't come into your house and spit on you. i stated my opinion in my home, and i welcome the dialogue with you.
what i am talking about is this endemic problem i have with being told what defines me as an American. no one defines me as an American besides me. my beliefs, my ideals are very much valid. however different they may be from yours.
no, a much more important question i must ask you:
how do you think d.j. is going to do this season? i am pretty f-ing nervous.
again, thanks for your comments. i wish more people were willing to bullshit back and forth about this kind of thing.
take care.

Blogger alfredblog said...
oh yeah,
just cause i disagree with the war in iraq does NOT equate to a love for Clinton, and to re-iterate, my freedom lies nowhere near mesopotamia.
it's a bullshit war.
we started it.
remember, i believe afghanistan and iraq are two different entities.
iraq does not equal 9/11 to me.
again, thanks for the warm words.
take care good buddy.

Blogger alfredblog said...
oh yeah, last thing i promise.
i am probably going to link your blog to mine, because i don't really have to many conservative dudes around. i think it'd be funny for our respective friends to stumble across these two blogs drunk and fired up. let me know what you think.
take care.

Blogger snoopdrj said...
I find it very interesting to see that someone says we are winning a war on terrorism. How do you gauge that? When was the last time they caught a terrorist? Your confidence that we will be attacked again is not on par with the statement "we are winning". I was under the impression that the whole point of the war on terror was to stop terrorist attacks. I guess you can ask our friends across the pond about who is "winning" the war on terrorism right now. Who the hell gives a shit about John Kerry? Who cares what he is saying right now? You should try using your time to find better sources for your infomation than a two page article in MAXIM. I think that is a pretty weak promotion of a news source. The next time I'm in the market for news mags I'll remember to put down Time or Newsweek and be sure to pick up the latest edition of Maxim. Just because someone does not agree with what our president is doing doesn't meant hat they should be deported because of their beliefs. I think you should take into account that the majority of America was only the majority by 2% in the last election. That isn't too much of a majority. There is a lot of spoon feeding of information on both sides. I feel the true patriots are the ones looking for the truth. Not just digesting the information that their political party "spoonfeeds" them. This goes for both sides.
Maybe you should join the armed forces so you can do your part as a true patriot. If you feel that you have the right to dictate who should and should not live here, you should have a machine gun in your hand standing in the desert. What I do ask is that when you feel the need to rant, do it in a responsible manner with thought instead of the same conservative copy points that were "spoon-fed" to you by Bush/Cheney and the entire GOP. Either you can appreciate what you do have and find the facts for yourself.

Blogger Alone at Sea said...
Wow, this is fun. For the first time in a blog I'm hearing some actual discourse (though still tainted by partisan rhetoric) that sounds more like a debate and less like a tantrum. For my part, this is what I see in the arguments above: Normaltown; you must have had extremely strict parents growing up, because you repeat (in both your blog and these comments) no less than five times that people should not try to control you in any way. What's up with that? Also, to say that you are not spoon-fed is a bit of a misnomer. We are all spoon-fed. You get your news from second, third and I'm sure even fifth hand accounts. Journalistic integrity aside, you're taking what they're giving you. So are we all. It's you deciding which spoon to take from that determines what you get. There are few people on the planet that know with absolute certainty what the truth of any matter is. I think it's funny how we all like to argue over things that could be out in left field for all we know. They could be playing hopscotch in Iraq and sipping Martini's for all we know. In court they would call any news source 'hearsay'. And while I'm no better than any of you when it comes to knowing any more or less about anything, please just remember that you could be completely wrong at any given time when it comes to "facts" about anything political, with exception to your own opinions. As it is I greatly look forward to reading your thoughts and discussing these things further. Good stuff. Oh and Snoop, while you make some great points about sources for news, I'd say you should take your own advice when it comes to whether we are winning or losing anything, how do you know we're not winning? Are you sitting in a tent in Baghdad writing your comments? Or in a forward command center? It's fine to disagree, just don't be a hypocrite about it.

Blogger alfredblog said...
Yeah, I certainly agree with Dave, and as per my responses, I was merely hoping to make clear that while I am no fan of Ann Coulter, I am equally no fan of Michael Moore. I seek information from other sources besides pundits, and I rarely am able to be sized up in traditional "red/blue" terms.
i really do think we all are.
to that end, let me say this:
socially, i am incredibly liberal.
fiscally, i am incredibly conservative.
i favor states' rights over the fed on most issues.
i am pro-choice, and i am an atheist.
if the republicans put forth a ticket like mccain-hagel, i will vote republican.
i don't mind disagreeing on the path, i only mind disagreeing on the destination.
take care.