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Friday, July 22, 2005
Well, what a difference a day makes.

My apologies to anyone from this wonderful site who clicked earlier today only to find my conservative ramblings. I know you were directed here hoping to see Dawg-related facts, some possible rumors of how well offseason workouts are going, and maybe even a little bit of news on recruiting.

You will not get that here.

However, you are privvy (well, not really) to my little home away from home. My blog that has kept me sane for the better part of this past year. Before I get into my preseason predictions, which I figured would be the purpose of today's post given the over 250 hits I've had today so far, I will tell you a little about myself so you're not confused about my feelings on a particular team and/or subject.

First, I'm a 24 year old graduate of UGA with a degree in Journalism, emphasis in Public Relations. Basically, that means I'm poor and moving to Atlanta in the matter of a week. I'm a regular guy, I tend to listen to a lot of conservative talk radio, I support our troops, I think gas prices suck, I like to stir the pot, and I will occassionally (well, often) say things to make you think and/or become angry. I invite all responses to any post. Your comments are always welcome here.

Secondly, I'm one of the biggest Dawg fans alive. Want to know how I know that God is a UGA fan? The Bible is printed in Red and Black. That's what I believe. I breathe, sleep, eat and dream about Georgia football. I was a 5 year member of this historic organization and I miss my time there greatly. One day I'll retire in Athens and I hope my child(ren) will go to college there just like dad.

Now that you know me, feel free to begin the disagreeing.

Here are my preseason predictions and evaluations:

SEC East:

Florida -- Holy Sh*t I'm tired of hearing about Urban Meyer. Yes, he's a winner, yes he's like Steve "I love my visor" Spurrier, yes he makes Gator fans feel better about wearing jean shorts and sporting mullets. However, we are all forgetting one great thing ladies and gentleman, it's FLORIDA. They will not acheive the greatness this season that they used know years before. Urban Meyer is still playing with Ron Zook's recruits. Now, Zook, in all his dumbassittude, could recruit talent like it was his job, which it was. See Chris Leak. That kid is nothing short of amazing and should have a Heisman caliber year, EXCEPT for the fact that Florida's kids still don't trust Meyer yet and aren't used to his disciplined system. Zook let the inmates run the asylum and that is going to be tough to correct in one year. They will still be tough on defense with Charlie Strong as their DC still, but look for them to be hurting in the running D as Channing Crowder made his exit early.

Record: 8-3 (Losses to UGA, USC, and LSU)

Tennessee: Man oh man do the pundits have Tenn. being the biggest dog in the yard. Not going to happen my friends. Tennessee has talent but being plagued by offseason problems as well as a quarterback rehabbing throughout the offseason has them hurting. You may not agree, but trust me, Erik Ainge is the future and the future is not this year. They have a stable of good backs, they're always decent on their lines, and the wide receivers are hit or miss depending on whether or not the year ends with an even or odd number. Tenn. is what I like to call "black and white" when it comes to being the best in the East. Either they're unstoppable or they're just average. Fulmer has no control on his team and it's becoming evident. Mark my words, talent does not a team make.

Record: 9-2 (Losses to UGA and Florida)

Vanderbilt: Horse feathers, they suck again. However, they win more games this year out of pure spite. They always play the Dawgs tough (don't snicker, you know they do) and they always give Florida a run for their money (because everyone hates Florida). However, it sadly will not be enough again.

Record: 4-7 (WINS against MTSU, Richmond, Kentucky, and Ole Miss)

Kentucky: Rich Brooks loses his job shortly after the close of this season. He just can't recruit talent and it's not really his fault. Basketball is overshadowing the football program like a bigger brother slapping around the red-headed stepchild. I feel bad for Rich Brooks...kinda.

Record: 2-9 (WINS against Miss. State and Idaho State)

South Carolina: Is it just me or do you hate Spurrier less now that he's not wearing Blue and Orange? I mean I still think the guy sucks, but I respect his ability to coach football. However, we all know he didn't take the USC job to coach again. He took it to play Augusta National whenever he wanted. Look kids, Steve Spurrier knows he's got a couple of years before people REALLY expect something from him. He's taking his time, cleaning up Holtz's messes and then he'll bring some talent down there. However, until then it will just be mediocrity. Expect a couple of upsets, but not in the Dawg house.

Record: 7-4 (Losses to Georgia, Tenn., Auburn and Clemson)

GEORGIA: Let me go ahead and state for the record that I am biased. I know I am biased and I will admit that whole heartedly. However, I do see the Dawgs possibly running the board this year. We have NO QUESTIONS on offense. People are so quick to point at DJ and say "this kid needs work." No, that kid is untested. The team respects him and they want to protect him. This team is the dark horse only because no one expects them to win. Sounds like a dangerous formula to me. A tough road game at Tenn. will be the determining factor in our season. Expect close wins with Florida and South Carolina. However, our boys have something to prove and they will prove it. Don't worry about our receivers, don't worry about our secondary, don't worry about the D-line. We're good to go. Just have faith and support the team. If they believe they are a contender for the Nat'l Title (which they do) then we should believe with them. Anyone remember Peyton Manning and then Tee Martin? I do.

Record: 11-0 (I said it here first)

SEC West

Arkansas: Houston Nutt. Does anyone else think this guy is a good coach sometimes and a complete moron at others? He has a mediocre season. Suprisingly the only people that care are the ones in Arkansas.

Record: 5-6 (Losses to Georgia, USC, Auburn, Alabama, Ole Miss, and LSU)

Alabama: If Mike Shula can become the coach the tide want him to be for the offense, then everything else will fall into place and an SEC Championship appearance is in the future. However, if the Tide can't get it clicking, then they can't get it winning. The defense will be stellar again and if they are as suffocating as they were last year, then the DC will be coaching somewhere else at the end of the season. It could be an ugly year or a great one. I'm predicting great. A heartbreaker to Florida is what I see in their future, but not much else on the negative side.

Record: 10-1 (Loss to Florida)

Auburn: Well Mr. Tubberville, we'll see how good of a coach you are when your team graduates. My prediction here is we'll see how the Plain-tiger-eagles-men recruit for the future. I see a lot of inexperience due to seniors from the previous year taking all the time. The offensive coordinator is still there so it could be another tough year to defend against them, but since their talent has gone the way of the dinosaur, I don't see it.

Record: 8-3 (Losses to LSU, Alabama, and Georgia)

LSU: I truly believe Les Miles is a good coach for this team. Nick Saban is a great coach all the way around and LSU fans are hungry enough to keep being a good team. With all the talent there, it'd be hard to screw it up, but Miles, unlike the Meyer/Zook connection, favors Saban's style of discipline. I think the transition wasn't as harsh and we'll see a good, but not great, LSU team this year.

Record: 10-2 (Losses to Alabama and Tenn.)

Miss. State: Sylvester Croom is a good man and a soon to be great coach. Just not this year or maybe the next. If they are patient with him, he'll surprise a lot of people. Stay patient.

Record: 3-7 (WINS against Tulane, Murry State, and Houston)

Ole Miss: Who's the new coach there? Exactly. Not great, not good, not mediocre, but on the radar to potentially spoil someone's season. We'll see what happens.

Record: 6-5 (Losses to Tenn., Arkansas, LSU, Auburn, and Alabama)

Well, there you have it kids. Feel free to disagree with me all you want. I pick on emotion and what I see, not necessarily what the stat sheets tell me. All I know is that the SEC East is dominant over the West again and will keep the ESPN Pundits buzzing about who's going to the title game.

It's going to be a great year. Go Dawgs!

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

P.S. -- Be looking for a Sunday or Monday analysis of every game this fall!
Blogger JOJO said...
Well Kit I love the Idea bout them dawgs running the table but I have to say you have it all wrong with USC there is no way Visor boy is gonna turn the program around now that they are losing scholorships (recruiting violations). Also I have to say If somehow we can get through Tenn. which is gonna be very difficult being it is in knoxville then I think the cocktail party is gonna decide the Number 2 team in the country but I just don't see how anyone but Southern Cal will win the title this year with there massive amount of talent and cakewalk scheldule.

Blogger Ludakit said...
Well Jonny, I completely agree which is why my predictions only went through the regular season. I still see a UGA vs. Bama SEC Title game, but if I threw in all the intangibles that could totally throw kinks in the chain (injuries, hirings/firings, violations, etc.), then it could easily be Tenn. vs. LSU in Atlanta.

I don't know what's going to happen but I do know that USC (the one in California) is going to be probably the best college football team we've ever seen. It's going to be a great year for college football. And don't worry about Spurrier, he'll turn mediocre players into good ones just by having them believe in him. He'll surprise a lot of folks this year.

Blogger Stacy said...
I like it, all the way around. I'll discount the fact that your biased and believe with ya! No one's gonna be able to rock us this year! :)

Anonymous Joe Brown said...
How's the baddest man in the state of Georgia? Hey, you're nuts for thinking that Alabama is going to be the West's best team. They won't even finish .500. Along those same lines, Tennessee plays Florida at Florida and then comes to Death Valley the next week. LSU has an offweek before Tenn comes to town. Just saying, you should take a look at schedules.

Anyway, glad to see you're doing well. Keep up the good work on the blog.