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Friday, July 08, 2005
Loaded up (not yet really) and truckin...

So you've probably figured out by the title that I've officially accepted the job at C.H. Robinson Worldwide. My official job title is Transportation Sales Representative. It's a great opportunity and the benefits are ridiculously good. The best news is I'll have a fresh start in a place where I'll be surrounded by friends and family first and opportunity second.

There is, as always, good news and bad news. The good news is just about everything mentioned in the "pros" from the previous post and all that summed up above. The bad news is everything in the "cons" from the previous post and the fact that for the first time in nearly 8 years, I'll be living with a full-grown adult, and for the first time ever, another young-un.

I'm moving in with my Aunt Jane and her daughter Sarah for the time being. Now AJ and Sarah are both cool people and it should be a great experience, but I'm quite fond of my private time and space (you can take your porn jokes and go to hell), so naturally I'm a bit skeptical about just jumping right back into the fire. However, by doing this I can take my time looking for a good place to live, pay off my debt(s), and generally set up a plan of fiscal conservatism via my Microsoft Money 2004 program that I love and treasure so much. Thanks to Clark Howard, I want to set up a Roth IRA. I know it will be tough since I still am not really sure what it is, but I've heard it's really good.

So, I will say goodbye to my sometime ritual of coming home after a hard day, plunking down on my own couch and drinking a cold Jack and Coke. However, beginning August 8, I'll be coming home to a family, talking about my day with someone not over a wireless phone line and rejoice in knowing that my check will be this exact amount (nothing more, nothing less) on these specific days.

It should be really fun, and educational too. Thanks to everyone for their well-wishes, prayers, and support of "you'll find a job soon, I promise." You guys are the reason I was able to get motivated to ask for better. Thank you.

Now, before I leave, I'd like to say that the tragedy in London should not be taken lightly. Granted, as of this writing, London has only 52 dead and a little over 700 injured, which is a shadow of those lost and injured on 9/11. However, their tragedy is our tragedy as well. They have been our strongest ally throughout the entire war on terror and in Iraq, regardless of how it affected Tony Blair's popularity. Terrorist groups have already claimed responsibility for what took place and I think they're already regretting it.

You see, Mr. Terrorist Asshole, your actions do not scare or intimidate us. It fires us up. It gives us a black eye only to force adrenaline and hunger through our veins of freedom and democracy.
You woke up a sleeping giant with America. Congratulations, you just pissed off his older brother. Now it's a family affair and while you want to praise Allah, the only god you'll be worshipping soon with be that made of porcelain as your stomach curdles with fear and hopelessness.

Your time is coming. It's not here yet, so run while you can.

Great Britain will not be as politically correct as we are. They hate the French too, but they have the balls to say it. You see, when you fuck with someone that's dealt with the IRA for years, you've barked up the wrong tree.

You thought your "jihad" would do some good. It turns out, it only added fuel to a fire. You wanted to ruin London's Olympic Party and all you've really done is speed up the timeline for your departure. You think London's going to change it's mind about the games? That they're going to say "maybe this isn't a good idea"? You have got to be kidding me.

I hope you like your caves, hairy women, and dirty water. You'll be seeing that type of world for a long time coming.

Don't make us throw the gloves off.

Trust me and millions of others, you DON'T want that.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.
Blogger Oob said...
Congrats on having the gumption to take the leap. I know you will do well, Kit.

Blogger Gunner said...
Damn Kit..We AGREE on a political issue!! Al-Quaeda translates roughly as "like to pork ourselves in the ass"

Good on you man, for taking the gig.