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Thursday, July 14, 2005
Well I've been a loser long enough with all these photos that I haven't shared with everyone. I won't keep anybody in suspense, so without further adu, here ya go.

The Wedding of the Century:

Jeb Abby Kit

Abby has the nicest closed eyes ever.

Jeb Ellen Kit

No one really knows what happened to Jeb here.

Brett Kit

I call this one "Teacher of JD...Pupil of JD"

Jeb Kit

I was drunk here. Hell I was drunk in all of them.

And now what follows is a group of photos that I just took on a whim over the course of the past few days. I don't think it's any secret that I'm not a fan of Savannah life but there are aspects of it that have really made me feel "at home" sometimes and have even helped me through this entire process of "the real world." I took some photos of things I'll miss and they're basically just images that calm me down or send me into a state of relaxation after a rough day. These are the images I'll miss when I'm smelling in smog and trying to find the fastest lane home on I-85. So, tomorrow when I turn my two-week notice in, I'll be saying goodbye to images like the ones below and they'll be a few of the memories that I have really taken joy in over the past year.

The best way to view these fotos is by imagining the smell of salty-clean air with a light gust of wind at your back.

Savannah Life:

Marsh 1

This view and the similar ones that follow are from a bridge on the way back to my apartment. Looking at it always seems to calm me down on the long trip back home.

Marsh 3

Marsh 8

Now view of my apartments at sunset:

Oaks 4

Oaks 3

Quiet and nice.

Well, that's my life down here. Quiet. Calm. It's like Perry but with salt air and marsh. Can't beat that at all.

In non-related news, I got a phone call today that makes me one of the first, if not the first, person to ever do this thing. On June 10 2006, Jeb and I will be Male Bridesmaids. Now I know what you douchebags are thinking and no, I won't be wearing a dress. However, Jeb and I will pioneer a new territory in which no man has ever been willing to go before, the left side of a wedding.

Now think of it this way, Dana (my friend who's getting married) is hot. I mean Dana is smokin' hot and that means hot bridesmaids (myself included). Even though I know these bridesmaids, we all know how I like to boom-boom the left side ladies at every wedding I participate in. Even though I struck out on the last trip, never fear. I'll be in Perry, I'll be a Male Bridesmaid, and I'll be drinking. The possibilities are endless my friends.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.
Blogger Jenn Babe said...
your appt does really look that pretty at night :D loverly!!!

Blogger Russell said...
Does being a male bridesmaid mean having to escort a groomsman down the aisle?

Blogger Ludakit said...
No one really seems to care that I'll be standing as much on the left side as they do about whether or not I'll be having a male escort with me.

The answer to that is I was told I would be a Male Bridesmaid in a "non-gay fashion." So, I took that as no male escort, and please believe, there WILL NOT be any escorts. I like to boom-boom the bridesmaids...not the gay cousins*.

*Not saying there's anything wrong with being gay. Just not my thing.

Blogger Staisha said...
Hey kit! I'm sooo excited about your new job in atlanta!! I would have thought you were crazy had you not taken it! Anyway, those pictures are nice; you look GREAT by the way!! Let me know the next time you're in perry...we still have yet to have that drink at applebees! Miss you!!!

Blogger Weird Alaska Freak said...
I'd like to point out that saying, "I was drunk here," was really unnecessary, as we all know the tell-tale signs of the rosier-than-normal cheeks and big dopey grin...

Anonymous Dana said...
Thanks for the compliment Kit! Didn't know you thought I was 'smokin hot!' "Gee, that's nice to know!" Anywho...I love you and thanks for being my male bridesmaid! Your the best and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Love and kisses!