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Thursday, July 21, 2005
Two times in one day. Usually blogging is like sex to and done. No no no, not today my friends.

First of all, I do have to extend a hearty apology to my new Liberal friend who loves the Dawgs as much as me. Straight to you from me, A.J., I took your blog out of context and figured you to be a bomb throwing left-wing Liberal from the depths of hell. You disagree in a fashion that I disagree with but I was out of line with, well, most of my blog. I had you as arrogant and uninformed. I was wrong. We disagree but I was completely misguided by your words and that, again, is my fault. I appreciate your time and I definitely appreciate your comments, not only did it make me feel like a douche bag, but the kind of douche bag that I hate the most, the one that is ignorant and jumps to conclusions. I have placed a link from my blog to yours and I invite everyone to read a point of view from the other side of the line.

Also, A.J., DJ will be fine this year. Yes he gets a little unfocused at times with his passing but I think we'll be ok. An SEC title is pushing it but if he can stay calm and be the leader during the season that he's been in the offseason, we'll be 100% in the running. By the way, don't expect Urban Meyer to have the greatest year. I'm predicting 8 or 9 wins, but they will lose to us and they will lose to Tenn. You heard it here first folks. By the way, for all Dawg related information, please go visit this site and read the articles. Lots of vital Dawg info and hands-down the most complete Bulldog coverage without a subscription on the internet today.

Now it's time to respond to you, Mr. Snoop. By the way, I loved "Drop it like it's hot." Just thought I'd tell you that before I blast you.

Yes, I believe we're winning the war on terror. Or, when I'm not jumping to conclusions, The War Against Terror, or TWAT. Now, let's ask the people at Gitmo if we're winning. While we're depriving them of sleep, playing some music you yourself have recorded as well as some Metallica, and feeding them pork BBQ (hee hee), they're giving up secrets like it's nobody's business. We've caught more people by capturing terrorists (which we have done) and draining them for information. Also, we're not always capturing terrorists, we're killing them too, which is always a plus. Again, 1700 soldiers' lives are 1700 too many, but allowing terrorists to run free only hurts our chances at freedom. Terrorists hate us and want to kill us. They want us out of Iraq so they can rule with fear and not allow a country to grow and prosper. The human desire for power and greed rules terrorism, plain and simple.

Point two, MAXIM is not, I repeat NOT, a news source. Talk about me taking shit out of context, read the sentence again and notice how it was stated. When I say "Hell, even go so far as to READ MAXIM," then that means MAXIM even has an article on what our soldiers say with their own pens, not MAXIM is the news source of the century. I have personally walked into the airport and stopped two soldiers just home from the war and thanked them for what they have done. They know their job is important and even though it's not what they thought of when they joined the military, it still is a volunteer military and they're doing their job. They may disagree with the policies, but they all agree the media is not giving you the full story. By the way, I'd give you $5 if I actually believed you go to bookstore and pick up a Newsweek or Time. Just my opinion, I could be wrong, but I doubt it.

Point three, you referenced parts of my previous blog that again, I apologize for so I'll let you slide with them, but I will make note of two things you said. George Bush was elected back into office, the Repubs still have the House AND Senate. The country DOES NOT WANT Liberal leadership, plain and simple. Stop crying and let it go. Stop your bomb throwing and start the wheels of change. Shake your neighbor's hand and tell them that you may disagree, but he is your neighbor and you will stand proudly with him to protect the freedoms set forth in the Constitution many many years ago. The other thing I'd like to make reference to is how you say I'm wanting to deport people and yet not pick up a gun myself. It was my choice not to fight in the armed forces. Again, it is a volunteer military. But if I were drafted, I would go to war and I would be scared and I would be afraid to die, but I would go. I had a bright future ahead of me and did not need the government's money to go to college or to better my life. Military life was not for me and therefore I CHOOSE not to go. I do wish to deport a lot of people (especially terrorists, hate mongers, and illegal immigrants) and I have the right to do that because even though I don't even own a gun, I pay my taxes, I vote, I stay informed, and I help this economy. We are all interdependant. It'd pay you good mind to learn that. Also, if you want to see the love I have for this country, please read this particular blog. You might find you, I, and A.J. aren't so different after all.

Wow. Today has been fun. A.J., again, my apologies for taking things out of context and for throwing my own bombs. You caught me after a large caramel machiato and the caffeine was controlling me. But it was fun. Looking forward to more.

Until next time kids.

Be safe (even you Snoop).
Blogger alfredblog said...
yeah, i think we still have a couple of years before spurrier will be able to wrangle the schedule around and try to upset us.
i am curious to see how richt's play-calling will have adapted to the loss of the two D's. Regardless, I think it will be an exciting season (and by exciting, I really, really hope that doesn't translate into the saem kind of exciting watching Bobo was...mostly.)

Blogger snoopdrj said...
I appreciate you "letting me slide". I have to inform you that while political differences are fun to talk about. I think your shitty taste in music that is an unforgivable sin. Keep helping the economy! We have to get out and buy things, so the terrorists don't win.

Thank you for the props on "Drop it Like it's Hot". Your taste in music isn't all bad I guess. I'll send you an autographed copy of my "Gin and Juice" single.
peace out.