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Sunday, July 17, 2005
Damn I miss Kevin Nealon. He was the best at that to me, but the new team of Tina Fey (hot) and that blonde chick is pretty good. Jimmy Fallon didn't suck either.

Anyway, here's the brief, albeit, pointless weekend update:


Two week notice handed in. One co-worker ended up being pretty pissed about it (this is the same one that knew I was considering leaving and just SWEARS it'll all get better soon), but the rest were quite the support structure. Apparently I'm already lost and forgotten on my bosses, though, and it's quite obvious when the one I actually like (not so much anymore) said "Well, I'll be honest, it doesn't surprise me." Bitch probably thought I was the one that gave up. Those dipshits quit on me first, if they even started at all. Fuck them, I'm stoked.

Later that evening, drinking ensued at my good friend Gina's house. Gina is just like my mom except I drink with her and she's only 37. She's got the funniest husband alive, Pat, and 2 kickass kids that are both cool in their own ways. Gina's been a good friend down here. I'll definitely miss her backing me up all the time.



Wake up. Not as hungover as I should be. This is interesting. I think I'll hang out for a while and just see what's going on. Get a phone call from my mom that's sad (more on this later). Go to Movie Gallery to rent Hostage. It's not in, so I rent Star Wars: Episode III. Oubre would be proud. Go to Krystals and proceed to get more Krystals than I should be allowed. Eat "happiness in a box." Many hours of Playstation 2 ensue followed up by a KICKASS poker session on I turn $30 into $100. Go to bed EXTREMELY late, but happy.


Wake up. Not hungover at all due to no alcohol consumption. Stomach's torn up thanks to Krystals. Too much information there. Oh well, shit happens (feel free to laugh at that pun). Begin playing poker again. Proceed to lose all money throughout the day. Wonder what I'm going to do when I get home from work now. "Pack up all your shit" comes to mind. Ignore it. Blog.

On a different note, going back to the sad phone call I got from my mom, my grandfather is in the hospital and as of Saturday night, was not expected to make it through the evening. Somehow he did, and is considered to be doing "better." Truth be known, I think everyone is wondering about "when" as opposed to "if" but this isn't uncharted territory for the family. He's pulled this rabbit out of his hat before and I wouldn't be surprised to see him do it again. Just do me a favor and pray for God's will to be done. My grandfather's been sick off and on for a while and in situations like this, you just want everything to work out according to plan. I hope that doesn't sound like I want my grandfather to die, because I truly don't of course. But I would like for him to not be sick anymore because I know with him being the man that he is, he wants his time to be his time and let that be that. We'll see, but like I said, good thoughts are always helpful and I appreciate it.

Everyone have a wonderful week and we'll be in touch through the power of "Blog."

Until next time kids.

Be safe.
Blogger Stacy said...
Consider it done, babe...let me know if you need anything else.

I love you.


Blogger Oob said...
Your grandfather is in my thoughts and prayers. I understand what you're going through, and I'm giving you a big hug right now.