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Sunday, October 23, 2005
I'll write a post-game breakdown (probably tomorrow or Tuesday) when I can say anything other than...


Until next time kids.

Be safe (and protect your QB).
Blogger alfredblog said...
this doesn't upset me as much as everyone else. could be low for team morale, but only if they listen to corso and the gang at espn.
tereshinski showed me enough to feel like, if we get some of our depleted defense back, things should be okay. fact is, florida is simply NOT the team we are this year. of course, all bets are off in jacksonville, but i feel as good this year as any other (better, even)
if chris leak gets hit a coupla times, he'll get rattled.
their offensive line also doesn't outweigh us like arkansas did.
if push comes to shove, we'll call in hershel. he's still got a year of eligibility left, right?

Blogger Chris said...
If we hold the Gators to 17 or less, we'll be alright. Get the ball to the 40 (aka Georgia's real red zone) and kick the field goal.

Blogger Staisha said...
Hey i tried to call you back after I got your text friday night but it'd only ring twice and then give me that hang up beep beep noise...I was going to invite you out to drinks at cheddars...anyway, kathy's mom says you better go to her wedding...and I'll be there (well, in it), so that gives you an even bigger incentive to go! ;)

Anonymous Tim said...
Kit... i concur...FUCK!...but we will be ok... Joe T III has a good head on his shoulders,and as long as he can throw a 15-20 yd dump,and had the ball off,we'll be fine...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Yeah...i next time you're around...Court