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Friday, October 14, 2005
Here's your UGA vs. Commie preview:

Let's start out with what we need to do when we have the ball.

1. Open holes for our running game -- Vandy's defense has not been the talk of the SEC; their QB is the one getting all the attention. How about we own the clock by running the ball and keep Jay "I'm Bound for the NFL" Cutler from seeing that many snaps tomorrow? I'm all about that plan. Besides, the more we run, the more they tire. We proved last week that fresh running backs run all over defenses, even ones like UT's which was touted to be extremely dominant up front.

2. Protect D.J. -- Make no mistake about it, people want to see D.J. Shockley vs. Jay Cutler. Cutler was proclaimed pre-season first time SEC QB for a reason. That kid has got a brain up there that just screams "I eat up zones." However, D.J. leads the SEC in nearly every necessary QB category. D.J. is the typical running QB but with "I eat up man-to-man" in between his ears. D.J. adds another dimension with his legs but don't look for him to run that much in the next two weeks. We don't want to give Florida the gift of 1) seeing a lot of game film and 2) playing without D.J.

3. Stretch the field -- I liked how Richt was very agressive last week in chunking the ball a few yards farther than we usually do. I'm ready to see more of that. To be honest, I think we'll see a UGA offense that will be reminiscent of the opening game. D.J. won't be quick to take off, but if we start the game with a few decent catches, expect the longest TD pass of the year to come at some point in this game. Please believe, we make a statement with our WR core. By the way, don't be surprised if Mo Mass finishes with his first (and maybe second) TD of the season.

When Vandy has the ball:

1. Bump the WRs and bring the blitz -- As you've probably read two times already in this post, Vandy has a pretty damn good QB. I watched him eat up a talented LSU secondary with quick decisions and the ability to improvise. We have got to do what LSU did and bring some heat to the poor kid. Martinez has done a fantastic job of putting together the tied-for-the-toughest-defense-in-the-SEC (I think Alabama's defense is awesome as well). Expect him to change it up a bit and bring a few more corner blitzes or safety blitzes. Blue dominates again and we finish with at least one INT.

2. Don't worry about the run -- 'Nuff said here. Do YOU know the name of Vandy's RB without having to Google it first? I didn't think so and for those scoring at home, neither do I.

3. Vandy must finish with less than 30% for 3rd down conversions -- Plain and simple, early on we need to take their confidence of being able to convert a 3rd down. If we can get in there and play 2 quarters of brainfart free football, we should be OK.

Special Teams:


Final Thoughts:

All in all, expect Vandy to show up early and Dawg fans should probably sweat for the first 8 minutes. However, coming off of a big win, the team has heard a lot of ATL talk as well as Pasadena talk. Along with that, they've heard more about how they played at Vandy last time they were in Nashvegas and how they need to make a statement this game. Team unity is at an all-time high and the Dawgs know what's at stake. I think it's time for people to fear UGA again because no one is afraid of Florida or UT anymore. Dawgs announce their arrival, but do it in classic (and classy) Richt fashion, which means without blowing out the other team.

Dawgs: 33
Vandy: 13

Also, before I jet, I'd like to post my win/lose ideas for all the games tomorrow.

LSU over Florida
Michigan over Penn State


Notre Dame over USC

Yes, I said it.

Until next time kids.

Be safe (and Go Dawgs!!!).
Blogger Julie said...
Man, I hope you're right on the Notre Dame/USC call. That would definitely help us get a better bowl by far...

Word Verification: mqijkujd (wtf? they keep getting longer and weirder.)

Blogger Roy said...
wow you really think that usc can lose?? thats a bold prediction... i say usc trounces nd by at least 3 tds...

Blogger Weird Alaska Freak said...
Amen to Notre Dame beating USC. I'll say that it's possible... but not as likely as I'd like it to be...

Blogger Gunner said...
Can't get much closer

Blogger Dave said...
Damn dude, good call on the score.

Was with you on the ND game, sucks that they lost it the way they did.

2 for 3 on predictions- not bad!