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Tuesday, October 18, 2005
Just like a bathroom trip after eating my chili, you knew this was coming.

Here I am to again revel in my own greatness of why I should be betting on sports instead of on poker. However, I'm really not ballsy enough to do that so I never will, but even if I had the guts I wouldn't do it because I never tempt fate when it comes to my beloved Dawgs. Speaking of tempting fate, there will be a homework assignment at the end of this blog, so please, have your pencils in your hand. *Ahem* Please point all dirty thoughts to this blog.

Last week's predicted score: 33-13
Last week's actual score: 34-17

By the way, I predicted 2 of 3 upsets.



So the scariest game of the year for me has once again come and gone and I'm now breathing a little easier. However, I, like the rest of the Dawg Nation, realize that every passing day is a day we could possibly lose control of the SEC East car we are currently driving. All we have to do is win the next two games...that's it. We all know it won't be easy though.

So here's the breakdown:

What we did right:

1. Never gave up -- Vandy was driving all over us the entire game long. However, we again stepped up and for the fourth time this year played 60 full minutes of football. I'm really proud of this Dawg team and I have a feeling that with the circumstances raised (i.e. Florida) we will be a much tougher team because of the emotional bond between the players. D.J. has the full respect of that locker room and our "no name" defense keeps making a name for themselves. Isn't that ironic? Don't ya think?

2. Defensive stars emerged -- Ray Gant stepped up big time in this game and our D-Line did a lot of growing up after having Anderson gone and then losing Golston. Speaking of Golston, he is too big to fit in a closed MRI so they're putting him in an open one tonight. Results should be in tomorrow, but I wouldn't expect major damage. I would expect him to be on the shelf until Auburn, though. We've got a lot of talented guys on the defense just waiting for a shot and apparently Richt has enough faith in those to not take the redshirts off of the guys we've got waiting in the wings. I wouldn't expect a major drop off in defensive production. I think we're still solid. Remember, for all your Dawg update needs, please visit this site and this site.

3. D.J. stayed protected -- Did anyone else almost sheet der drawors when D.J. went down and clutched his knee? I felt like I had been kicked in the nads. D.J. has got to stay healthy for the entire year. He's tough as nails but he IS the glue that holds this team together and no one else, and I mean this, has the respect on the team that he has. We need to get in control early against Arkansas and sit Mr. Shockley because he needs to be healthy and alert for UGA vs. UF.

Now what we didn't do so good:

1. Running the ball -- Our offensive rushing production just hasn't been there this year. I don't know what it is, but our three-headed monster is more like a guy with multiple personalities. Sometimes you get the good one, sometimes you get the lazy one, and sometimes you just get the weird one. For our O-Line to keep winning awards left and right, I sure would like to see more downfield holes open up.

2. Catching the ball -- Two words. Sean. Bailey. I was really high on this kid and I still am but he dropped two very important early passes that could have helped put this game away early. Seriously, Vandy is light years better than what they were last year, but they are still Vandy. We could have and should have been in control early enough to put this game away.

3. Playing error free football -- Still more stupid penalties that cost us major yardage. I know this happened, but I can't think of specific instances. Oh well, I know it was there.

4. Swallowing the ball -- Actually, this has nothing to do with the Dawgs (thankfully) but I wanted to let you know that your sister sucks at it.

Ok. Now a quick word about the BCS.


Just kidding. I actually think everything is fine when it comes to us and the BCS. USC has proven that it can be beaten and I still think it just might be beaten. Texas is the team that I think has the easiest road to the Rose Bowl even though history has shown that the Big XII Championship is no cake walk. Anyone else remember when O-how-the-mighty-have-fallen-klahoma lost to Kansas State in 2002? I do. Va Tech still has a loss left in them (even though they look incredibly impressive on defense) and I think that loss will come at an incredibly inopportune time since history has shown us that is Va Tech's ways.

Basically, what I'm saying is if we win out, I don't see how we couldn't be in the Nat'l Championship. BUT WE HAVE TO WIN OUT.

I won't even bother updating my top 25 because to be honest, it's friggin pointless to try and do. So many teams past 15 just plain suck anyway that it's just a toss-up. By the way, I hope everyone now understands that FSU blows. I've been thinking lately that they might be the most overhyped team in the land, but then Cal went and sucked it up as well. So far, those two are in a footrace to see who can implode first. My bet is on Cal. By the way, if you'll remember, I predicted that UVA would have a decent year and surprise a couple of teams.

Ahhh, being right. It never gets old.

Anyway, your homework assignment for this week is something I've been pondering to myself lately and even though I encourage everyone to answer (since I'm a comment whore), I want you to think about it for a minute.

The Question:

What worthwhile possesion/activity would you give up to witness, in person, a UGA National Championship?

For me, I think it'd be a toss-up between getting rid of my chevelle (aptly named Zeus) or never watch The O.C., House, 24, or WWE Wrestling again. And I seriously think I'd do all five if it meant seeing all of it for free.

That's just me though. What would you do?

Trivia returns tomorrow night!

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

P.S. -- For your viewing pleasure, I have decided to show you the anatomy of a Greg Blue hit.

1. UP

Greg Blue Up


Greg Blue Down
Blogger alfredblog said...
this is easy for me, for i live ten minutes away from the rose bowl, and if it happens, I WILL BE THERE. and i'll TIVO all that other shit.
But I'd probably give up air...for awhile.

Blogger Weird Alaska Freak said...
I absolutely love watching Blue hit people. It's like watching professional wrestling... only not fake.