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Tuesday, November 01, 2005
Well I said it was going to be a while since I blogged and I'm still at that point. Other than the loss, I had a great weekend with some close friends. I decided to post the pictures with short explanations because I'm still waiting to write the post-game breakdown of what happened on Saturday. I haven't given up on my guys but I'm pretty friggin bummed. Let's just put it that way.

Anyway, onward to picturedom.

(Click on any photos to enlarge...especially the last one)

Tim Kit

No one is safe from The Shocker!!!

Redcoat Band

The view of the Redcoat Band from our kickass seats.

Go Dawgs

Oh yeah. The seats were THAT good.

Perry People

How about a good healthy dose of Perry People?

Outback Bowl Guys

When the Outback Bowl reps stop by and have a beer, your tailgate kicks ass.

jojo kit

This photo was taken right before I told Jojo about all the things I used to do to his sister.

Jeb Kit Jojo 2

I can't think of anything funny for this picture...

Melissa Stacy Kit Kristen

What makes Kit happy? Hotties. Hotties make Kit happy.

Georgia Gang

Here's the tailgating crew.


Gameday, in a word...unimpressive.

And finally...

How gay is Florida?

Florida Gay Moped

Oh yeah, THAT gay (no offense to any homosexuals, but y'all gotta admit, that's pretty gay).

Until next time kids.

Be safe.
Anonymous Philip Gentry said...
Great pictures! Just wondering how the Jacksonville city council let all those Perry people into town. Get in touch when yall are up for the Auburn game.
Philip "I am just living in Kit's world" Gentry

Blogger galarza said...
oh my g*d! the shocker!! i remember the shocker...i mean, i've HEARD of the shocker...