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Wednesday, November 16, 2005
So that's what this post is all about.

First, I'd like to tell everyone that I had the correct score for UGA predicted, however, I didn't think Auburn would score that one more point. Damn it.

Secondly, some pictures for you.

The Grillmasters

First, the Grillmasters


What do the Grillmasters grill? Pancakes of course.

The Boys from P Town

Too many Perry people. Well, not really.

Progressive Asshole

This is the reaction from my Big Bro Dexter when he found out that Progressive Insurance was fucking me on my rental. Since he is an employee as well, he says this is also the pose he strikes when sticking it to "the common man."

Kit Jeb

This isn't a blurry picture. This is photographic trickery. Don't you feel more artistic now?

Heaven at Night

Finally, a scene from the kickass pregame we watched.

Third, a collection of thoughts from the "Thought Bowl."

1. I miss trivia.

2. I spent a decent amount of time with the ex this past weekend. I have to say, she looks good, seems to be doing well, and is completely over me. Hell, I reckon that makes two of us. I hate that we don't talk anymore, though. All is not lost, however, and I hope her job interview in San Fran went well. She's been dying to live in California so I guess it's what she's meant to do. Good luck to her and I hope we can catch up soon.

3. I'm thinking about moving over to a new, more Google-Friendly Blog. I haven't decided yet, but it would pretty much be dedicated to UGA Sports, but I'm slowly backing myself out of it. I think I'm really just itching to get back to writing again and not just things about football.

4. Speaking of football, I'd like to point out to Stacy that CMR is probably one of the greatest football coaches we've ever had and it's only his 5 year. I hope he stays in Athens until he is stale and predictable instead of being just a great recruiter, a consistent 10-game winner every year, and one of only 3 coaches in the modern SEC to lead a team to its conference championship 3 out of 4 years. According to The Georgia Sports Blog, that only puts him in the company of Gene Stallings and Steve Spurrier. Fulmer, Tubberville, and Saban aren't on that list. He won the SEC Championship in his second year. He continues to win with his own recruits and we have only played two Jefferson Pilot games, one pay-per-view game, five ESPN games, and two CBS games. What that adds up to is 3 games that are regional vs. 7 that are nationally televised. Once ABC exercises it's option on the UGA vs. GT game, it will make it 8. The exposure we're getting due to our SUCCESS is ridiculous. Also, with exposure comes $$$. If you think all of this is running itself, you're dead wrong. However, look at the good coming out of it. The new East Campus Village is there partly because of the money coming into the University. Essentially, we're not only one of the nation's top teams, but we're also making money. I will admit that sometimes, I think he plays it WAY to conservatively once he's worried about losing the game. However, I will not accept the blasphemy of Mark Richt in my house. Don't let it happen again.

5. I'll be in Atlanta this weekend. I'd like to see some of you that I haven't seen in a while. Find me.

Alright, I think I'm done. I've given you guys enough to read for the next couple of days. By the way, I won't be attending any more UGA games at least until we notch another win. The problem is that every game I'm at we either play like shit or lose. I'm definitely out for Kentucky and probably the SEC Championship just because I don't want to lose. However, the final determination needs to be seen.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.
Blogger Stacy said...
so i'm getting chastised in your blog? awesome....

Blogger Ludakit said...
I would consider it back and forth banter over college football. I'll chastise you later.


Blogger Staisha said...
Well stacy says I'm good luck because every game I've attended, Georgia has won. So, if I go to the game, then you won't have to worry about UGA losing! ;)
What can i say? I'm a mastermind at work!