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Thursday, November 24, 2005
It means three things to me...

1. Food.

2. Family.

3. Football.

Yes, the three "F"s of Thanksgiving were in full blown action today in Peachtree Shitty. I went over to my Uncle's house and had dinner with parts of my family and parts of his wife's family.

The turkey kicked ASS. I don't even usually like turkey but this shit was awesome.

So there's your food update.

Now when it comes to family, anyone with blood relation to me is normal. However, on the aforementioned other family's side, they were Georgia Tech fans. So basically, they talked shit all day long and had NO response whatsoever to any comments of "hey your coach plays felons,""How does it feel to have now not beaten Georgia for over a decade," and other comments that are blog-friendly, but I don't feel like typing them. Basically, imagine hell, but with Turkey.

I hate Tech.

Falcons looked great today by the way...but Detroit looked so bad I felt sorry for them.

But back to me hating Tech.

I hate them more than Florida. No shit.

Every time I have been to Tech, I get into some sort of altercation. Of course, I never get to fully "Perry Out" on someone because I happened to be with 400 strong each one of those times. Now, in what "may sound like an excuse" news, I will not be participating this year in Atlanta mainly because when I'm at a game, we play like shit. When I'm at Jeb's, we hang at least 40 on the opponent. After much debate of possibly watching this game at my dad's or somewhere else(s), I have decided I'm too superstitious to watch it anywhere else. I'll be at Squeb's.

Since we dominated Kent-sucky and the play calling was as ballsy as Ely-Kelso's idea of skinny dipping with the Dean's daughter, I'm not going to do another pre-game breakdown this week. Like I said, I'm superstitious. The superstitions change during the season. Think of them like you think of half time adjustments. I find out what works, what I changed, and what I'll keep for next week. It's a process.

So let me just say these things:

1. Tuck Fech.
2. Tech cheats.
3. Felons love Tech.
4. Chan Gailey is AWESOME...for Dawg fans.
5. Reggie Ball can't count to 4. And he goes to an engineering school.
6. Calvin Johnson is the TRUTH. I'm sorry, but the kid is amazing.
7. Greg Blue wants his last regular season game to be the one in which he finally kills someone.
8. I beeleive Tech's defense will catch more balls on their chin than they will from our QB.
9. Dawgs will win.

Lastly, in "this is kinda cool" news, I recently found out that I have been linked on College Football Resource's Web site as an "official" blog for UGA football. While I'll never be as popular, have as many hits, or be as all around good as PWD, I'm really really really proud to know that someone linked me up. Thanks to those guys over there. By the way, check out their site. It's a really good one, especially for finding blogs for other schools.

Well, I'm off to the metropolis of Perry, Georgia for a day to hang out with the Padre and to do some shopping. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I'll just be blunt, please understand that I'm thankful for each one of you guys.

Until next time kids.

Be safe (and Go Dawgs).