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Thursday, December 15, 2005
Not any one of the ones we came up with at trivia.

I mean we got our asses kicked. But hey, we had a helluva time, I think Stacy G. actually got drunk, Russ wore a scarf on his head, Rob developed a points system, and Art (the trivia mastur---bator) sucked ass again which kept him batting 1.000 since we started playing.

In other news, I was delighted to get home and see that I had a message on AIM. It went a little something like this...


Nice. You're probably the same douchebag that keeps commenting annonymously on the blogs. I don't necessarily like liberals and I'm damn sure not a supporter of Gator fans, but I HATE cowards. I mean I hate them with a passion. Please understand that you're not getting under my skin, you're just proving yourself to be weak, scared, and self concious. If you have a problem with me, say it openly. I won't delete it, I swear. Hell, if you want to even go one on one with the Notorious One, you're more than welcome to do so. We'll sell tickets and make some $$$ in the process.

That being said, I'm going to hit the sack. My quota for no-talent-ass-clowns has been reached for the evening.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
what's up nizzel? How was your drive this a.m. with all the ice everywhere? JEb i used anonymous b/c i forgot my password

Blogger alfredblog said...
there are other liberals on your blog?
you tell 'em i said to fuck off.
there ain't rom for 2 liberals on this little patch of land.

Blogger galarza said...
oooohhhh....that wasnt drunk...that was affected. drunk is for other times; not wednesdays.