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Saturday, December 03, 2005
By the way, if you're under the age of 18, quit reading now...

Anyway, I'll be the first to say "I TOLD YOU SO MOTHER FUCKERS!!!!"

Let's take a look back and see what all I said in the "pre-game post"...

1. In my honest opinion, I think we win Saturday and I think we do it convincingly. I think UGA finally says "Don't ever count us out before the season begins. You media pundits should know better."

2. I also think I'll be sickened for about a good two hours watching feel good LSU bullshit stories about Hurricane Katrina.

3. If we win we'll hear, "We'll this is a moral victory for the Tigers by making it this far into the season after Hurricane Katrina AND a new coach."

Well, we almost heard #3 verbatim from the always enthusiastic Vern Lundquist. That little tubby bastard has a hard on for anyone that is NOT UGA. At least Todd Blacklidge got it correctly. He predicted us to win in that article that I posted earlier.

All in all, NEVER DOUBT ME AGAIN. I'll be back sometime Sunday or Monday to do a season wrap-up and just take a look back at the highs and lows of this historical UGA football team. And when I mean historical, I'm serious. These guys had nothing but a dream and ended up winning the whole damn conference.

It's a damn good day to be a Damn Good Dawg.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.
Anonymous Tim said...
Agreed brother... it is a damn fine day to be a dawg....hell every day is a good day,when ya bleed red and black... FUCK THE HATERS!!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...
you damn right hurricain UGA took their ass out and is sitting over atlanta awaiting the next victum