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Monday, December 12, 2005
Here are some random thoughts since I don't have enough going through my mind right now to put together an entire blog.

1. Man I was drunk at the company Xmas party on Saturday.

2. Stacy was too.

3. Here's a picture:

Stacy Kit

4. I don't sleep enough during the week.

5. I don't like coffee, but I need it to wake up in the morning.

6. I hate Oubre for losing all that weight. Actually, I'm really proud of him, but damn it, I'm jealous.

7. I had a bloomin' onion yesterday and it was AWESOME.

8. I want an iPod and an XBOX 360, but I can't think of a practical use for either.

9. Jonathan is a dirty whore.

10. So is your mom.

11. I couldn't stop at 10 because it seemed so cliche.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.
Blogger JOJO said...
Thats just so mean :(

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Thats the truth

Don't be jealous....I'd sell my kid for a bloomin onion. :)

Blogger Stacy said...
yeah, jojo is a dirty whore....

and my iPod was the best investment I ever made.

Blogger alfredblog said...
my mom is a SAINT!
(and a real firecracker in the sack)

Anonymous Anonymous said...
the best thing about the pictuer you posted here is the fine woman standing beside you

Anonymous Anonymous said...
picture (sorry)