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Monday, January 16, 2006
It is a universal truth that we are victims of our actions. These are called "consequences" and whether intentional or unintentional, very rarely do we not encounter the consequence of a said action.

Such is The Facebook and Myspace. I have become members of both "organizations" sadly, in an effort to draw more readership to the blog. Now I'll be completely honest when I say that I'm incredibly proud of what I write and how I write it. It's not exactly considered "humble" to look at your work, admire it yourself, and then pimp it out for all the world to see. Call me egotistical (you wouldn't be the first) but it's one of the only things that I do that I'm truly proud of, so damn it, I will be proud without apologies.

So there's my action. Pimping the blog via The Facebook and Myspace.

My consequence...people requesting my friendship when I'm uncertain as to whether or not I like them.

I would say there'd be more than one exhibit a, but there's not. It's just that yesterday my ex, who's probably reading this and getting VERY pissed, requested to be my friend on The Facebook. Now, this is very High School oriented, so if you haven't figured out by now this blog will be written as satire, then you should really stop taking me so seriously.

But what do I do? I don't like her. Hell she doesn't like me. We're decent to each other and I'm completely over her. I gotta be honest, she still looks good (on the right). I can't deny her that. But that doesn't mean I'm ready to sit down and discuss how great our sex lives are (a topic I'm sure she'd dominate...that's funny for two reasons, I'll let you figure them both out).

I mean I'm finally over her. Am I ready to jump into a Facebook friendship with her? What if we rush things? What if someone catches feelings? What if it's not just one Facebook interaction? The possibilities and implications of a failed Facebook courtship is not one I'm ready to comprehend at this point in my life.

I think for the time being I'll just wait it out, sleep on it and make a decision at a further point in the future. I might consult an oracle or something in the process. Who knows?

Push comes to shove, there's always the Jack Bauer approach: "You're only conscious because I don't want to carry you." Superb.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

*By the way, if you don't click those links, you're gay. (Not that there's anything wrong with that)
Blogger galarza said...
i LOVE rush!! where did you find that picture???!!

Blogger Stacy said...
The Moped Guy is getting more face time on your blog than most of us, haha!

Funny how facebook runs our lives? But no worries...there's actually a group on facebook called, "I don't know you in real life, but do you wanna be facebook friends?? OK!"

Thought you might be amused by that. I commend you for taking it more seriously than most of us. ;)

love ya

Anonymous Anonymous said...
under no circumstances should you enter into a facebook courtship with said person.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Kit...I have to TOTALLY agree---I refuse to get into "myspace" relationships with those I do not like...though a couple of people have already asked to be "my friend" and I don't really care for them, but I accepted out of not wanting to be...well, rude. But, in your case of the ex...I MUST say NO! DON'T DO IT! I don't like her anyways-never did the few times I met her-AND she was a bitch to you...enough SAID.

LOVE! See you this weekend!


Anonymous Anonymous said...
leave the shit alone she ain't that damn cute. besides i have seen you do better