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Thursday, January 19, 2006
Which is why you're not dead...

Apparently, my ex is as dangerous as Chuck Norris. Which is why 3/5 of the people who posted comments on the last blog posted as anonymous. I do count, however, Dana's post as anonymous even though she said who she was at the end. Still, it's a staggering statistic.

I had a blast at trivia last night and even though I'm super tired, I'm still up blogging and washing clothes for the wedding I will be attending this weekend in P-town. I honestly can't wait to see some old friends again and hopefully Jonathan's new girl, who apparently is the one if he can keep her around. If he's lasted more than 2 weeks (which he has), I think he has a legitimate shot. Damn I'm single.

Anyway, I find myself getting more and more excited about Mountain Trip weekend. The only problem is that I have so much going on that I need a new name for it. Friday is the birthday, Saturday and Sunday are Mountain trip, and Monday is RAW at Philips Arena (and a day off). Now, I keep dropping that Friday is my birthday but I hope everyone understands that I'm one of those people that is quite apathetic towards my "special day." Honestly, a birthday this year does nothing for me except lower my car insurance. Now THAT'S a present.

I just saw a commercial for Brokeback Mountain. Reminds me of our trivia name last night:

"Jack Bauer makes MacGuyver look like a star from Brokeback Mountain."

How true.

I had writer's block for about 15 minutes until I typed "writer" and then I thought of the Song Writer, who I have had the pleasure of sharing a few conversations as of late with. He's been kind enough to include me in the growth of a particular tune he is in the process of writing, which I find intriguing and a few different levels. Not only is it becoming a great tune, but the actual process of writing the tune and watching it grow is pretty cool. I have no other words to describe it. It's nice to see a friend doing exactly what they were meant to do.

Anyway, I've got some busy weekends ahead of me. I can't wait for them.

By the way, the ex is still in "pending" status.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.
Blogger Brett said...

Blogger galarza said...
what is P-town?

Blogger Stacy said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Blogger Stacy said...

that was gay

Anonymous Banshee said...
Hay, first off Jack Bower could never touch Mac. Jack doesn't use weird shit made from gum and duct tape to escape, and no one ever questioned Mac's motives. Mr. Bower is always going to be public enimy no matter how many times he saves the country.

Blogger Chris said...
The Chuck Norris page is awesome. For fear of a brutal roundhouse-kick related death, I won't divulge any facts. Check it out yourself.

Anonymous Dana said...
Keep her in pending status...NEVER remove it!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
i agree, leave that shit on pending for good! she never deserved you.