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Tuesday, January 31, 2006
For some reason I can't really sing "Rocky Mountain High" when referencing the impending Mountain Trip weekend. I think it's because it's a song about the Rockies and that's not where we're going.

I can't even begin to describe how excited I am about the trip and the opportunity to hang out with some of the best people I know for a full weekend AND have Monday off. I'm bringing my poker chip set and maybe there will be time for me to take Russ and Stacy G. down properly and crown myself King of No Limit. However, I will not do this because Russ is really good and since Stacy and I have yet another bet (this one being "who can drink the most without passing out"), I will probably have NO idea what I'm doing and will lose the whole damn thing.

By the way Ln, I'm afraid of any and all animals larger than myself (no really...I don't even like cows) and so I'll be with the people not riding the horses around. But I will be in total action for the big game on Sunday!!! I don't even know if I've ever been drunk for the Superbowl since most of the time I was busy doing things with pledges (I was in a fraternity at one time...well I'm still in since you never real...oh nevermind) and then I graduated and had to work on Mondays. Now I get the chance to get drunk and not remember a single commercial.


Anyway, in a totally unrelated subject I was digging through some archived posts and really liked a few of them. I saw an idea in action via another blogger who on his one year anniversary of blogging he just posted a full years worth of highlights into one week. I have since decided to rip this idea off completely and do the same thing. Oh I can't wait for March. In fact, I'm so in love with myself I might stretch this into two weeks. Nice.

I did find that I ranted a lot in my previous blogs and some of them tended to be really funny. It came to my mind while reading those posts that I am actually quite good at bitching. I hate to use the term "complaining" because then it makes me seem like I care and I don't. Bitching to me means I'm just doing it and I can live with that. So periodically, I'd invite all of you to shoot me a message on AIM at KitZeus99 or an e-mail at KitZeus99 [at] and give me a topic to rant on from time to time. It'll keep the bitchy blood veins flowing.

For tonight, I'll pick my own topic and then leave you for bed (HA!)...

I was watching 24 last night as I always do on Monday and I found something quite interesting that really had nothing to do with the show itself. There was a moment in time when Walt admitted to the President that he was aiding the terrorists because of the politics of oil and I thought to myself "Self, should we be mad about this? Is this some liberal Hollywood message being subliminally sent to my brain to tell me that war for oil is bad?" Then the conversation progressed into "Self, Jack Bauer is the baddest ass ever, but is he left wing or right wing?"

I determined at that point that I was going to watch my head explode into a million pieces on the ground so I just quit thinking and watched more ass kicking. I did come to a small conclusion that Jack Bauer is completely right wing but Keifer might be a bit on the liberal side. Well he's probably a lot on the liberal side. Say it ain't so, Jack.

But seriously, we've already gotten that Hollywood is a breeding ground for unfounded liberalism and ridiculously stupid people (see: Sean Penn), but does ANYONE really need another "George Bush is bad so we must make stories about his politics" plot? Did anyone see Syriana? I'm not posing that question as a guy who has seen the movie and all that jazz. I'm legitimately asking if anyone saw the damn movie. To be so "critically acclaimed," it might as well have been straight to DVD. You don't like George Bush? That's cool man. I really don't either but hell, it's the best option we have. Just don't get all pissy and try to shit down my throat because I repeatedly point out that complaining all the time and grandstanding at Senate Confirmation hearings is like booing at the Special Olympics. Sure, it's seems like a fun idea, but does it really get anything done?

You want to really get something done in D.C. and/or Hollywood? Come up with a FUCKING PLAN. I don't give a damn if it's the most ridiculous one in the world, but at least have something on paper. Hell, if you even open up Microsoft Word and type "give Iraq back to the Iraqis, then eat PBJs and play 'hide the tip with your sister'", I'll throw in a blank CD so you can turn it into a powerpoint presentation. Just stop wasting my fucking time by grandstanding so dipshit groups like will donate more money to your worthless cause and line your pockets a little more.

We're all corrupt man. The whole fucking thing is the Titanic so stop polishing the brass. Until then, do something constructive like, hell I don't know, YOUR JOB. Pass a law, screw an intern, take a liquid lunch down at "Cheers." Just stop fucking with my idea of freedom. You have the right to say whatever you want, but I want more people to use their right to tell you to shut the fuck up.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

P.S. -- In the preview for next week's 24 there is someone in the next episode that will be making a return (someone was hiding behind the bed and they didn't want you to see who it was). Any ideas on who that could be? I got dibs on the Terror Teen (thanks Stacy G.) Behruz from last year.
Blogger Staisha said...
hahaha, ok this post COMPLETELY cracked me up! My week's been stressful, i needed that!