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Tuesday, January 24, 2006
As I type this, I have successfully (this is ironic, by the way) went from $85 in my poker account to $30. I did well in a couple of tournaments today, lost a couple more bigger ones, then won a BUNCH of money in cash games and then I lost even more than that. Since then I've rebounded to win $15 and I'm DONE for the night.

I hope Stacy G. did better tonight that I did. Here's the text message sent to me before I had what I like to call "The Meltdown."

"Tonight's poker game is played in your honor."

I'm sure Whitney, [NAME REDACTED], Rob, Keith, and Ln all appreciated the same text message and were as equally as touched as myself.

Anyway, I was told today via e-mail that I have excellent grammatical skills. That's a first from the people that I work with who have to listen to me speak "Perry" on a daily basis to truck drivers.

While I'm getting my blog on, I'm watching this new show "Love Monkey." I think the main character is the same guy who was the lead in "Ed," which I heard was a great show but never watched. It seems to be a good show so far, but I honestly think its day, time, and the fact that it's January will hurt it and it will be canceled within 2 months. Maybe at an earlier time it would be a decent hit. If they give it a full half season, it might stick around. Let's hope so. But moving on from the perspective of the guy who schedules TV shows...

What I like about the show is how it's about music. I mean there isn't a show out there, excluding American Idol, that is about music. Much less one that is about the music business. Song Writer, I would emplore you to check it out when you get the chance. You might like it. But what I like is CBS taking a chance on attracting a younger, iPod driven crowd mixing comedy and undiscovered music in a show that doesn't suck. Please understand that the only thing I'd rather do than be in the spotlight is to be the reason the spotlight is shown on someone else. I wanted to be a record exec. when I first started college, which was the reason I became a public relations major. Well...that panned out. But the plan is to get the Song Writer famous and then he can network me into a label. I'm sure it'll work.

Now the show's over. It was awesome. I hope it sticks.

Trivia tomorrow (tonight depending on when you're reading) I hope.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

P.S. -- By the time I post a new blog, this whole thing will have a brand new layout. I'm almost 25. I need change.
Blogger galarza said...
1. i play only in your honor. ever.

2. i went all in on 10-3. and lost in your honor.

3. i think the "Ed" guy is weird-looking.

Blogger Ludakit said...

Blogger Ludakit said...
2nd test.

This is getting boring.

Blogger Brett said...
1. I didn't get your text message.

2. Yes, that's the Ed guy. Yes, I loved the show Ed. Yes, his name is Tom Cavanaugh. No, I don't think he's weird-looking because I haven't thought about how he looks. Yes, I have seen it. And yes, I liked it.

3. We'll work on that... but don't hold your breath on my account.