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Sunday, February 19, 2006
That's what happens when The Song Writer and I get together. We kill shit.

Not really.

We did, however, have the proverbial "blast." I'm sure you're looking for all the gory details of the trip, plus pictures. Well play the lottery because it's your lucky day.


After one hellaciously long day at work, I bolted out of Atlanta at a whopping speed of 15 mph up I-75. Once I got around the 575 split just north of Atlanta, things mellowed out and I was on my way; now at 80 mph. I made it through Dalton, Chattanooga, Murfreesboro (SP?), and then Nashville somewhere in the area of 21:30 EST or 20:30 CST (Nashville time).

After a minor tour of the apartment (I call it "walking around and looking"), B@wcum said "I need shit from the grocery store. You in?" Naturally, I was and we hopped in the Explorer. He took me down a quick tour of Music Row where all the publishing companies, labels, etc. are located. It would help for you to know that when B@wcum asked what I wanted to do this weekend, I only really had two things in mind, which were 1) Find out a lot more about the music biz and what B@wcum does and 2) Write a song.

So after the very cool tour of Music Row, we hit the liquor store (which doesn't sell beer or cigarettes), Wal-mart, and McDonald's for a quick bite to eat. We headed back to the apartment, ate, listened to some music, watched some TV, I lost at NCAA Football 2006, played some poker, had two drinks, watched the weather go from rain to sleet to snow, and then fell asleep somewhere in the area of about 5:30 CST (so at that point I had been up for 24 hours).

Bawcum chips
Photo: B@wcum celebrates after taking all of my chips in one of our mini heads up poker tournaments. He was quoted as saying "Just like mountain trip weekend huh bitch?"


I finally woke up at about 13:00 by the stirring of B@wcum and his coffee making ritual. The night before we bought some bacon for breakfast in "the morning" and since it was close enough, we went ahead and made some. After eating, I said "alright, what's the plan?" to which B@wcum replied "let's look outside." The carnage can be found below...

Snow 4

Snow 2

Snow 3
Photo(s): This would have put Perry in a complete standstill.

So B@wcum then decides that Closer is a good movie and we should watch it. I agree like a mother fucker.

After Closer, we wanted to go get some grub so we took a trip to the Longhorns down the street but much to our suprise, it was packed to the gills. We decided pizza would be good and we'd just catch the UGA vs. Vandy game at the apartment. We ordered the pizza and took a mini tour of nice ass houses in the area while the pie was cooking. Got the pizza, ate the pizza, Dawgs lost, and then the real fun began.

Going back to the two things I wanted to do on this trip, I told B@wcum it was time to write the song. I said earlier in the week I had an idea for a tune called "That's So Brokeback" where we just make fun of the gay shit everyone does. The tune gets written (by B@wcum), recorded (by B@wcum...and me on 3rd...badly), produced (by B@wcum), and mixed (by B@wcum). For the record, what he does for a living is as tough as it gets. The tune came off without a hitch and will likely keep one of us from holding political office one day. However, it's funny as hell and definitely a keeper.

After listening to the new tune a good 30 times, we played one really good game of NCAA Football 2006 (the #3 Greatest Game of all time by the way) which B@wcum won if I remember correctly. I had already had my two drinks and so I hit the sack.


Woke up at 9:45. Made some coffee and waffed it under B@wcum's nose and we took off to drive through Nashville before going to Vandy's Gym and watching the Lady Bulldogs completely dismantle the Commies. For the record, the announcer guy at Vandy is probably the most annoying mother fucker ever to live, but in B@wcum's words, "That's the Vandy way." For a much better recap of the events of the game, head over to the Song Writer's blog. Complete with pictures. I do have one photo that I'd like to share so I wouldn't feel as if I wasted the shot.

Lady Dogs 1
Photo: Mediocrity lives here.

We hated to, but since I live in Atlanta and needed to get back, we had to beat traffic and leave the game early. It's a cardinal sin as a Dawg fan, but I didn't have a choice. More snow was headed in, my car was still covered with ice, and I hadn't gotten all of my shit together at the apartment. We swung by Wendy's and got something to go, I let the car warm up for 30 minutes and then I was on my way.

Some things happened on the way back that I found quite amusing. The ice would randomly fly off of my car and hit the cars behind me, which I found very funny. I also thought it to be welcome revenge against those bastards that toss their cigarette butts out of their car, only for it to hit mine. I then saw the following, naturally, are below.

Fireworks 2
Photo: Just because it's legal doesn't mean it's smart to sell fireworks and cold beer at the same place. At least they have the lotto.

Fireworks 3
Photo: Ditto on the above picture, except this time the culprit is FUCKING GASOLINE. Are you kidding me? This was just as funny as the sign I saw that said "UT Space Institute." I didn't think sheep liked zero gravity.

Mountian 1
Photo: The white stuff you see on the rock is gigantic icicles. They were all melting and making waterfalls. It was cool.

Then, I got home shortly after dark and started blogging and playing poker. I won an extra $50 and cashed out $200, so the winning is still coming. I was up to $400 and decided to press my luck and play in a $100 buy-in tourney since I had rattled off 2 money finishes straight. I got my ass handed to me after a 50/50 call where I was in great shape and just didn't catch the right cards. It happens. I'm still playing well and currently second in chips in the $15 tourney I'm playing. I'm sure I'll lose now that I've spoken about it. (update: I was put out 5th after my AA got beat out by a set of 8's. I then went on tilt and I'm done playing for the next 2 days)

All in all, I had a helluva weekend and I hope every one of you enjoyed the long and weekend update style post you just read.

If you didn't, then you're just so Brokeback.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.
Blogger The W said...
That fireworks stand looks like the one that's first on the left at the South Pittsburg exit off I-24. And the snow is you going up Mont Eagle on the eastbound side. If you had exited where you saw the UT Space Institute sign, you would have driven through an Air Force base on your way to Tullahoma, and then to Lynchburg, TN (pop. 361): home of the Jack Daniels you were drinking all weekend, and my family!

Blogger Stacy said...
Closer?? Really? I thought that movie was fucked up. Glad you had a great weekend! Now you should come to Athens to be my DD :)

Blogger Oob said...
I call that frozen-waterfall-thing... mountain snot. Seriously. It cracks me up.