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Tuesday, February 21, 2006
It turns out that more of our beloved football players have found themselves into deep shit. You can read about that here, where PWD has basically summed it up in Cliff's Notes form. Now instead of bitching about how they need to step it up and blah blah blah and all that feel good pansy bullshit, I decided to say what everyone is secretly thinking. Yes, even you.

Who gives a shit?

It has come to my attention through many years of life that some people just get more attention than others. Is that fair? Yes. Is it justified? Sometimes. But here is what's not fair. A center for our team got arrested for public intoxication because he passed out on the shitter. Are you fucking kidding me? He got drunk, got the shits and did two of the few things that really treat a man well (sleep and shit) and he got ARRESTED for it?

Here's what's wrong with Athens today. That town is run by egomaniacs who are all in direct competition with the football team. It has been said for MANY years that Athens was a football town with a drinking problem (I've heard it the other way as well) and for all intents and purposes that is exactly right. If UGA was a college without a team and without it's tradition, I guarantee you that the town would lose MILLIONS in revenue each year.

So how do they repay the gesture of keeping politicians' pockets lined? Well they of course bust our kids for bullshit and then talk about how Coach Richt needs to step up the discipline.

Shut the fuck up.

Seriously, I'm tired of this. Every time I go "home" (I'm from Perry but for all intents and purposes, Athens is my home) all I see are cops flirting with sorostitutes and looking for excuses to throw the same girls' boyfriends in jail. The last thing I want to see is a guy who could barely finish high school throw some poor drunk bastard to the ground, beat his ass, and then call it "protecting and serving." I unfortunately hung out with an ACC policeman one time who told me his favorite thing to do was to find a crack head and beat his ass because no one would believe the crack head if he told on the cop. Classy.

So, naturally, the plan is for these dipshit cops (who, again, receive paychecks from revenue produced by those same football players) to throw these players in jail so they can feel like they're on the same pedestal for five minutes. I got news for you. If you're claim to fame is that you once caught Quincy Carter doing a line of coke and you let him slide because "it was the right thing to do" then buddy, you ain't shit and never will do anything productive.

Everyone wants to think that UGA has a very big discipline problem on their hands. Well here's the deal...Coach Richt can only instruct these kids on how to act. I don't know why everyone thinks it's his responsibility to make sure those kids follow his marching orders. When someone fucks up, they get suspended. When they fuck up a lot, they don't come back. If you don't think that's the case, just ask Josh Johnson, who could've had a helluva career at UGA but never saw a snap of football.

Now no one is saying let the inmates run the asylum, but at what point in time is some popular person getting drunk a big deal? Now if it was something serious like drugs, rape, murder, Tony Cole, etc., then yeah, suspend the bastard or do one better and throw him in jail. But until then, let the kids get drunk. Some of them break their bones for hundreds of thousands of fans and you want them to all of a sudden not drink? Boss, you couldn't KIDNAPP me from a bar if I was asked to do what some of them do.

What I admire from other schools around the nation is how sometimes they just look the other way. If Mudcat Elmore drives on a suspended license, then I don't think the world is going to end. He probably just fucked up. Ever fucked up? I doubt any ACC cops or Jesus have, but aside from them, we've all done it.

PWD wrote one of my favorite lines one time when he said "Gordon Ely-Kelso went skinny dipping with the Dean's daughter. Hell, they used to give helmet stickers for that." I paraphrased, but you get the point. There is no excuse or reason for busting our players doing minor bullshit when you could do something constructive like QUIT BEING A FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT COP AND GET A DAMN DEGREE.

And no, I don't care if you're a cop and reading this thread. I didn't say you were all bad and hell, even one of my boys from Perry is an ACC cop. That doesn't mean I have to like all of them. Hell, I don't even like most of them. So don't feel like I pissed in your cornflakes. All I did was tell it like it is.

Anyway, I'll just finish with this...

Football players deserve to have a good time. If you don't like it, move the fuck out of Athens and go be a policeman/politician/egomaniac somewhere else. You may not know it now, but if our program fell back into the pits of mediocrity, you'll all take a hit in the wallet. Except for me. I didn't drop out of college and become a pissed off, power hungry cop.

I can't wait for the next time I go to Athens. I'm going to buy a drink for every big mother fucker I see, just in case he does play football.

Stick it to the man.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.
Blogger Stacy said...

Now you've made my day twice! You're the best!