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Monday, April 10, 2006
So therefore the G-day wrap up is completely postponed until further notice. I will give you some initial impressions though...

1) Joe Cox has made me look like a fool. The bad news is he will not start a game at UGA. The good news is it's not because he sucks (because he doesn't), it's because we're that talented at QB. I don't think the guy made a bad showing at G-day. I honestly think he was trying too hard to impress the crowd and get some buzz going about him. He didn't manage the game, but instead tried to change the pace, attitude, and feel of it. He was trying to be too PROactive and forgot to be REactive to the things happening around him. Poor kid.

2) Matt Stafford is going to be the next great QB at UGA. I'm not saying that because of his OK showing at G-day. I'm saying that because of the things he did at G-day that many people don't take notice of, which include his quick release, ability to lead receivers, and the zip he puts on the ball. He's got the tools and once he refines them, he'll be the phenom. Until then, I really want to stop hearing about the kid being the truth and all that shit. Seriously, with all the hype that has surrounded him, he HAD to go deep on the first play. It was prearranged. Now, when he calls an audible, goes deep, and scores a TD on a pass where the DB DIDN'T blow the coverage, I'll give him his props. Someone is running stairs right now for blowing their assignment on Mikey Henderson.

3) Our Defense is stout. Now I know why I didn't want to write a piece on the defense until after signing day and spring. The D-line is solid with Charles Johnson and Quentin Moses leading the pack. The DBs are MUCH better than I figured they would be. Speaking of which, look for Asher Allen to start in Nickel formations and then move into a starter role by the end of the season. He's too big and fast to put Thomas Flowers over him. However, I can't say enough about Paul Oliver. He shut my boy Mo Mass down so badly Ike Turner felt bad. Richt sang his praises all over CSS too and for good reason. I like C.J. Byrd and I liked his physical play; especially the one where he leveled a TE. I think it was Tripp Chandler, but it might have been our new WR stud Kris Duhram, who is like Brian Finneran (sp?).

4) Our O-line has got a LOT of growing pains to go through, which is ANOTHER reason I like a more mobile QB like Cox back there. PWD was exactly right when he said I was too optimistic about the O-line. Hat tip to you boss.

5) I think we're a 9-3 team and one of those losses is to South Carolina. I almost got slapped today at work for saying that, but I mean it. I'm TERRIFIED of that game next year and it could literally make or break our season.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

P.S. -- I hope you enjoy the music (if it's still playing). It's from a new band I recently discovered called Tally Hall. I like it. A lot. You?