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Tuesday, April 04, 2006
About 5 minutes ago I was reading Stacy G's blog about poker and I thought, "Maybe I should comment and ask her if we're playing at M00ndogs tomorrow night." Then, that idea got shat upon by a more technoligically sound idea that said, "No, I'll just text her tomorrow."

Text messages...the fucking Post It note of the 21st Century.

We as a society are so eager to stay in touch with anyone without saying a fucking word to each other. I swear one day I have a feeling we'll text entire conversations while we're all in the same room. It's a scary thought figuring my communication skills lack in real conversation so I'm really fucked when it comes to typing.

My blogs as of late have become more and more laced with profanity. Ya know why? It's because I don't give a shit.


I don't know what I don't give a shit about, but I just don't. All I want to do is win the lottery, sleep, and lose weight. It's a lofty goal, but damn it, I'll get there.

Also, speaking of goals, can we please put together a men's basketball team that will beat Florida next year? I don't care if we win more than two games, just please let them both be Florida. Hell, let's just go ahead and run the table. Let's beat Florida in football, basketball, and baseball. Since no other sports matter at UGA (gymnastics = not a sport, as defined by Kit...bring on the hatemail), let's please just beat them in those three. I will kiss someone (and we can vote on who this person could be) square on the ass for 5 seconds if it would get me the trifecta (spelling?) of Florida ass kicking.

At least the SEC was well represented. We needed that after being called a shit conference all year.

One last thing. Tonight's episode of 24 was a major dud until the last 10 minutes, which were good, but not great. I knew that assbag Logan was all kinds of Brokeback, though. That guy might as well wear a hat that says "Summer's Eve" across the top.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.
Blogger galarza said...
oh my God...i just texted you. and i texted you about '24' too.