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Tuesday, April 04, 2006
I've been so caught up lately with my own personal drama, bullshit, blah blah blah that I haven't had much time to blog much about UGA football or sports in general. So, here are some ramblings as of late that I've strung together one one post.

1. The QB race at Georgia is far from over and if you ask me, no one is talking about the guy who I believe should start. That guy is Joe Cox. He has the resume, the skills, the repor with the WR corp and the knowledge to run the offense. I think the three things holding him back are 1) Leadership ability 2) Hype on other QBs and 3) The moxy to separate himself from the pack. By moxy, I mean the "it" factor that seems to have every sports writer on the UGA beat talking about Matt Stafford instead of Joe Cox. Cox was a huge grab for us in last year's recruiting class and I don't see Mark Richt wasting a red shirt on him. I know Stafford has the talent and will one day be the starter, but why waste his skills on growing pains? He's not going to be the next great QB the very first day. Let's let him get a year under his belt to become a student of Mark Richt instead of rushing the monkey. A wise man from Perry (not me) once said, "Listen slick. Don't rush the monkey and you'll see a better show." That applies here.

2. Fuck Florida and everything about them. I hate LSU, but I would've much rather seen them win the title. Hell, I would've rather seen ANYONE else win the title. Even Tennessee. By the way, I found that Noah kid's twin (see below)...

Separated at birth? You be the judge.

3. Anyone think the Braves will make it 15 in a row? It's too early to tell, but I was just curious. Me personally, I think they've got a shot, but not a GREAT one. Just a good one. Like every other year.

4. Who's pumped about the G-day game? Who's actually going?

5. I think ESPN is doing a reality show about Barry Bonds. I know some network is, but I can't remember which. The only question I can ask is what wide angle camera did they use to get that fucker's head all in one shot? Even without the steroids that bastard had one of the largest noggins (sp?) I've ever seen. Seriously, his ass has got to be sore from having that thing up there so long.

I think I'm done.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.
Blogger Stacy said...
I'll be at Gday (you comin?), and yes, that is Noah's twin. Did you know that his mom is former Ms. Sweden and posed naked back in her day?? Someone took batting practice on that kid with the ugly stick!

And yes, you spelled noggin right. Yay.

Love ya!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
fuck comcast and the braves suck

Blogger Reel Fanatic said...
Fuck Florida indeed ... I did indeed go to G Day .. Tereshinski had a simply wretched day, Joe Cox got the most snaps and looked pretty solid, but Matthew Stafford, on his first snap with the second-team offense, rocketed a pass 64 yards in the air for a touchdown to Mikey Henderson .. he just has a cannon, and it's ready to fire now