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Thursday, May 04, 2006
This time, I actually have shit to say. However, now begins the obligatory (and ass-saving way of bailing myself out of any wrong statements) preface...I haven't watched Grey's Anatomy since day one. In fact, I'd say I'm not Grey-virgin, but not a Grey-slut. I'd say I'm Grey-xperienced. I will get some shit wrong from time to time throughout this post, so be ready. It happens.

I have been intrigued by Grey's Anatomy (hereon referred to as GA) since Ln's post about Loving and Losing that was inspired by the show. So, now being intrigued, I had to see what all the fuss was about and I enjoyed what I saw. To an extent.

We are taught that first impressions, aka "gut feelings," tend to be right, and then we're re-taught that gut feelings are wrong and you can't judge a book by its cover. I believe my gut feeling is right about 9 times out of 10. From the very first episode I watched all the way to today, I still feel that Meredith Grey is a bitch and a slut.

Whoa ladies, put the Tampax away. No one needs your raging bitchiness yet. Let me explain myself.

Meredith Grey is the ultimate focus of this show and is probably every wrong thing with today's modern woman. She does the wrong thing out of emotional ties and hurts people in the process, but damn their feelings because she's out for self discovery. I had self discovery once, but I was in puberty.

The truth is, Meredith Grey is out of her fucking mind. She's just like every other woman who denies the right guy, pursues the guy she can't have, gets hurt repeatedly, and then bitches about it like she never thought it would happen. All the while, ignoring the decent people around my homie George.

The hobbit's been gettin' down like Wilt Chamberlain lately.

Actually, George is a pussy and we all know this. The guy has a backbone made of Jello No-Bake Cheesecake and he'd be the kind of guy to poke you in the eye BEFORE the fight broke out. But at least we know he'd treat her good, which has got to count for something. However, in today's world it doesn't and that's kind of sad.

Women love Meredith and my gut (aka Stacy G.) tells me that men everywhere hate her and love any other character on the whole show. Any one of them. Why is that? Because Meredith Grey is too focused on self discovery, and selfishness isn't attractive at all. Someone should hand that bitch a letter that says "NOT EVERY THING THAT HAPPENS NEEDS DEEP REFLECTION."

It's a damn good show, don't get me wrong. But you've got basically one audience thinking two completely different things and it's all based on what chromosome they have.

Here's the fundamental difference between what women perceive and what men perceive:

Women think Meredith met McThatGuy at a bar, they had great conversation, a night of wild passion and love, and then that redheaded bitch WIFE of him fucked it all up because they were meant for each other. Then Meredith pleads her bleeding heart out with monologues of how they were meant for each other, and then the money line comes out..."Pick me, Choose me, Love me."

Men think Meredith met McThatGuy at the bar, he fucked her brains out, kept on doing it even after he realized he was her boss (dream come true), and then got caught by his hot redheaded wife (not good), who then shot down any hope of a threesome (really not good). The first chick that works for him can't let him go and she's kind of cute, but she spilled some kind of picking and choosing bullshit line, when we all know that wasn't the line that really got her going. THAT line was said at the bar by Meredith when they met, and it went a little something like this..."Wine me, booze me, fuck me."

I swear I'd love to have some Grey's Anatomy clips that I could do voice over work on. I'd probably put together comedy gold just by playing the real clip and then the "what men hear" clip.

Like I said, it's a great show...funny and well written. But the self discovery shit is dragging everyone down. Now women get to water cooler about how Meredith is trying to not date but is being tempted. Oh what will she do?

Hint: She fucks O'Donnel and then fucks that up by fucking McThatGuy again. Then she's single and self discovering once more. It's a vicious circle.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.
Blogger Philip said...
Actually, I like Meredith, but mostly cuz she's hot (in that not-HOTT-but-pretty-attractive sort of way).

In fact, I mostly watch that show for the sexual tension and the hot women.

Pretty pathetic, huh?

Blogger galarza said...
i like meredith too, but not b/c she's hot. she's likeable.

now the blonde irks me b/c she's all over meredith but she was in love with heart patient and still sleeping with asshole doctor knowing that doctor liked her. and no one said damn diddly about that.

meredith is lost and i feel bad for her. george seems to be doing all right for himself lately.

(btw, the "OC" rules!!)

Blogger Oob said...
Bah! Oob's pretty simple about this one: Meredith is flawed, and that is why I like her. She's f*ed up, just like the rest of us. Besides, how many men chase the unattainable woman just for the sheer heart-wrenching, ball twisting fun of it? It does happen to both genders... as I'm sure you know.

I agree that she is extremely introspective, and has wallowed in misery for almost this entire season. However, I do appreciate that the writers engage in character development. These people will change and grow, and continue to screw their lives up. But damn it makes for some good tv.