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Wednesday, May 31, 2006
1. Met an old friend and Stacy G. at Moondogs.
2. Old friend leaves, poker begins.
3. Survive long enough to mesh into a table with said Stacy G.
4. We move to another table.
5. Stacy G. recognizes her outs and sucks out a Jack on the river to take out a pair of sixes.
6. Douchebag that loses out makes note that he thought her call was "pathetic" even though she had two overcards and a heart flush (I.E. Shit-tons more outs than him, even though he was technically ahead and it didn't hurt her terribly to call).
7. I tell said douchebag "Alright, that's enough. She made the call and you lost. She had more outs. Move on." To which he replies something along the lines of "Mind your own business," but not so elequent. Then I told him that I'd either take his stack or beat his ass and he had his choice. He then mentioned he was "done talking to me" and Stacy G. put his ass out the next hand.
8. Stacy G. and I make it to the final table.
9. I'm out in 6th. Stacy 4th.
10. Home and bed.

So to recap, I drank, saw good friends, played good poker, nearly went all "Perry" on some poor Roswell kid, and I will be so tired tomorrow that I'll hate life.

Today was a good day.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.
Blogger galarza said...
i went home at 1:30 and ate a hot dog. but i did come in 4th and was happy to take roswell out of the game. :) it was all worth it.

Blogger Stacy said...
why is it ALWAYS a roswell kid? I wish you had gone "Perry" on his ass. That would have made for a better story.

Blogger Gunner said...
I think Galarza going "Perry" would have been an even better story...

Blogger Staisha said...
Hey kit! I enjoyed our random phone conversation the other night! Too bad it wasn't you drive down I-75 to perry! And too bad for daniel looking like a dumbass to whoever that was! ha. Anyway, you better call me next time you're in the p-town!