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Mad props to whoever can name the movie from which that quote comes from. No cheating and I'll reveal the movie at the end of the post.

Last Friday I had the opportunity to go watch this band play their CD from start to finish with full instrumentation in Atlanta. However, being the traveling loser that I am, I couldn't go because I was just flat out gassed. What I ended up doing was going to be at 8:00 PM and waking up the next day at 12:00 PM. A full 16 hour rest. Definitely necessary I think.

However, what ensued during those 16 hours was an onslaught of dreams that I was not prepared to handle. My mind is fucked up enough in the real world, so let's go ahead and say that my dreams tend to be either very cool or very fucked up.

This particular one was a little bit of both. It basically took every single Redcoat I knew that is currently out of the band and gave them the chance to do it all over again. Think of it like something giving you the second chance to relive the most fun time in your life, only this time, you know what you're getting into and who is going to be there.

Everyone was there from BDB to Blog This Beer Pong. In fact, B-Pong and I shared a cool moment both before and after his audition (drumline). Before, I looked at him and said "how do you feel?" and he said "I feel good about it. I think I got this." He looked just like he does right now. However, when he went and auditioned, he came out looking like he did in his old photos with a head full of hair and a gigantic wide smile. He looked at me and said "Bass 3" and then walked away.

I never made it to my audition because I woke up shortly before any of that took place. The main part of my dream was spent just observing all Redcoats from all times running around the band room trying to get ready and jumping right in like they never lost a step. It was a very, very cool sight.

I don't really have much else to say about it, but I thought I'd share it with everyone. It's stuck with me all throughout the weekend and it doesn't seem to want to let go quite yet.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

P.S. -- The quote is from Matrix Reloaded. I'm a dork.