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Tuesday, May 02, 2006
This is what I love about the past two blogs I've written:

1) Both have been quite humorous
2) Both have had it's supporters and detractors
3) Both have made people feel inclined to comment

Here's what I hate:

1) Anonymous

While I will support the open exchange of ideas in my own private cyber space, I will not, or ever condone those ideas being said without a name to go with them. I have balls-ed up enough to my own full name as the fucking URL, the least you can do is say who you are.

The first Anon was kind enough to share herself with the rest of us and I appreciate her effort in doing that. I'm hoping the most recent Anon will keep their mouth shut from here on out because I really hope you aren't a friend of mine.

Your comments in the last post are racist and unfounded. W3tb@ck is not the term to use in voicing your opinion...especially not here. I may make stereotypes myself and I may take liberties, but to lump a group of people into one and then label them with a racist moniker is wrong and deplorable.

I grew up around racism, I have never understood it, and by no means do I support it. I don't like to say "if it was a joke, it's ok" but we've all told racist jokes. I'm not saying we're all perfect. But you said what you said in order to hurt those you don't agree with. I don't agree with that.

I will not republish your comment, but I will respond to a small part of what you said and inform you that illegals are not draining Social Security or Wellfare. This is because those are government programs that require you to be a citizen in order to receive their "benefits." Medicare...yeah, illegals are fucking that up. But do some homework first before you go shooting your uneducated mouth off. Also, don't even try to say "it's all the same" because it's not. Social Security and Wellfare are both fucked up in their own right and were before we had the immigrant problem.

All I'm saying is voice your opinion by all means, but don't be a douche bag...and being racist and stupid are douche bag requirements.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.
Anonymous Hailey said...
So uh....I was thinkin'. We should make out. I mean...I'm a pretty decent kisser.I have...uh, some pretty ample breasts; hell, I even know what deplorable means. I think that's pretty hot.

You're my kind of American Kit.;]

I don't understand racism, either. Every time I see it (and it's too often) I cringe. I was sitting at someone's house this past Sunday watching tv with their family, when one of the sons made the comment that he'd never touch a girl who had dated a black male.

It's funny how ignorance breeds hatred.

Just when I thought our youth was making a difference...

Blogger JOJO said...
OK Kit im sorry but I gota correct you on this illigals can qualify for welfare and SS and heres how they have kids. No matter your status is you have a kid in america then you are considered part of our country and all the benefits granted from it. But if you want to solve the problem there is an easy way to do it... use NAFTA and CAFTA as "Carots" simular to the EU. Illegal imigration cannot be solved as long as america continues to ignore the south american economic situation for its own well being. Help those countries build there economys and the problem will solve its self. It would even be easier than doing so in the middle east because we think more alike.

One last commmemt It really bothers me when people claim to not be racist EVERYONE is Racist and as long as ther are races they will be. thats what this immigration debate is all about wheither you want to admit it or not. people claim that if they would just "assimilate" then it would be ok but we don't see peotests for the itialians in little italy or the Irish, china town, amish and the like assimilation is not required to be an american citizen the truth is that we just don't want to have to live with seeing it everyday. if these were white/black educated people who spoke english streaming across the border illigally this would never be an issue. but the truith is we are racist/ culturist/ religist/ countrist and the like if you really wanna understand where this all comes from read the book "america and invented tradition".