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Tuesday, June 13, 2006
Well, it happened last weekend. I was finally the Bridestud that I kept saying I was going to be. Jeb and I made the journey down to Perry for my very good friend Dana's wedding. A great time was had by all, as always, and this sensitive S.O.B. loved seeing old friends so much that for a few moments, he really missed Perry.

But, now we're back in Atlanta and reality has once again reared it's ugly head. But before I get into that, here are pictures as promised:

Kit Mom
First up is a picture of the Madre. I'm taller.

Kit Jojo
Next is a picture of me and the former roomate Jonathan. I'm wearing brighter colors.

The guys
Now a photo of myself alongside some of the best people I know.

Garter Toss
Time for the Garter Toss. I was too busy with my beer to catch it.

Bride Studs
Bridestuds. Nuff said.

Dana Rayna
Now we have a picture of the bride (Dana) and my friend Miranda's perfect baby, Rayna. I hope I spelled her name correctly.

Bridal Party fixed
I love this picture. I really do.

So, that kind of takes you through the weekend. The only parts left out were where I freestyle rapped/sang the blues at the reception and fucked my knee up by falling (not drunk) at the reception. Two highlights that sadly do not have pictures.

Then I came back to Atlanta and had the rude awakening last night of a FUCKING CENTIPEDE ON MY CHEST at 2:00 a.m. No, this is not a joke and it is definitely not fucking funny anymore. I rained holy fucking terror on my apartment complex and their need to get some decent fucking bug spray and then I took matters into my own hands...


Three bugs in two weeks (two of which have been ON ME WHILE I SLEEP) = Nagasaki Bug Land

Until next time kids.

Be safe.