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Wednesday, August 16, 2006
First of all, for those interested in learning more about the Vegas "incident" with the Asian kid with fucked up hair, please click here to go to Russ' page and read the full story.

Secondly, it's getting more and more close to college football season with every day that goes by. That's obvious just in a literal sense, but my whole outlook on my day to day activities is changing.

Every day that comes and goes I cannot wait to banter with someone on who should be #1, why the Dawgs are getting some respect here and very little there, how we could easily be SEC champions should we find a little rhythm, and why our defense is as good as it has been in a long time.

I'm anticipating a Sunday at the Blind Pig Tavern after a good Saturday containing a Dawg win and someone else getting upset. The consistent shakeups of who's playing like a champion and who's playing like a chump. What coach has got his team believing in itself and what coach couldn't keep his team from believing its own hype.

Who will be this year's Tennessee?

Can the Dawgs roll into the Florida game undefeated? If so, I think we lock up the SEC East crown in Jacksonville. I remember 1997.

Before we get too far ahead though, can the Dawgs overcome the atmosphere in Columbia? There's no way I believe USC is better than us. We have them dominated in nearly every category, but that is a tough place to play for a very young Dawg team. Can we handle an away ESPN primetime game?

Who in the F*CK is going to be our QB?

What freshman will make a Mo Mass type impact this year? (My money is on Asher Allen)

Will Kris Durham actually be a good white WR? And if so, will the apocalypse follow shortly thereafter?

I ponder questions and scenarios like this multiple times a day now. It's almost the kind of habit that you call "Intervention" about. My family is worried about me. They ask me how my day was and all I can muster out is "GO FUGGIN' DAWGS!!"

I can't wait. It's mean machine time.

A couple of quick hits before I let you go:

1. Big shout out to Yet another great resource to check out other blogs from schools around the nation, much like the great I've had very little time to get really in depth with their (HTB) site thus far, but I plan on visiting them as well as CFR much more often as we approach our out-of-conference games. If you're getting rabid like me, you want to check those two sites.

2. The King has his MSU preview up and promises to have his Florida preview up soon. Since he's getting them out of the way now, I'll go ahead and do mine a few days before the game, but don't expect anything like what he does...I just ain't that damn good.

3. The first BlogPoll is up. In case you have no idea what in the hell I'm talking about, please click here to learn what it is. If you're too lazy to do that, just know it's basically all of the pundits out there who said "man I could put together a better poll than that shit" and turned it into probably the most realistic poll I've seen.

4. Florida has lost one of their stud new linemen to an ankle injury (see: broken) and another one seems to be having some major shoulder trouble. I think the Sun-Sentinel really downplays the injury and from what I've heard, it's actually much worse. I can't confirm or deny that since I'm not the injured kids, and it also might be a case of UGA fans blowing steam. Either way, it seems that damn near everyone in the SEC is having issues with the OL. Somewhere, Charles Johnson and Quentin Moses are high fiving each other.

5. Finally, a big welcome to the Georgia Bulldog Blog which is written by David Ching, a beat writer for the Columbus paper the Ledger-Enquirer (link is to their UGA page). If you have any interest in getting some good information that goes deeper than what the papers print, then I would DEFINITELY check his site out. Of course it's well written since he's a journalist, but the information provided really lets you see that we're not just a talented team in a few spots. We're a damn good team that just happens to have a lot of guys that are on the same level. All in all, it's a great water cooler blog.

Well, that takes care of me for today. More updates coming soon as I get them. Until then, you know where to go for all the best Dawg news out there.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.
Blogger galarza said...
1. you have to be 'approved' before voting on the poll?? no fun. he wouldn't approve me.

2. why is it that uga never ever has the week off before florida? i dont think there's a week off until november?! with only 1 game left? i think UGA should hire me to schedule games for them.