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Sunday, August 20, 2006
Well, it all came down to exactly what we thought it would be.

Joe T III has been named the starter for the WKU game (link is to since they have multiple articles on it). I conversed briefly with The Song Writer via AIM over what this means and I think our conclusions came out to be a very solid "I don't know."

For the WKU game, Joe T. should have been a lock. Richt is known for putting the best guy on the field versus the competition (see: David Greene vs. Cory Philips OR David Greene vs. DJ Shockley). However, Richt has also been known to reward those that have waited their turn (see DJ Shockley after Greene left).

So who knows as to who will start against USC. That could be as up in the air as anything else. Hell, Joe T. may play like a champion the entire year. He certainly didn't have an awful game against Florida last year and he has the time in the system to know what is and isn't a good idea.

However, it does speak as to the lack of talent of Joe T. or the multitudes of talent of our younger guys to know that this is still very much a lively QB race. I hate it for Joe T. if he throws a pick or fumbles the snap in that he might feel as if he lost his job. One has got to think regardless of what he says or how he plays, he has to feel the breath of the younger guys on the back of his neck. That's just human nature.

So now that we've covered our #1 guy. Here's how the rest of the guys shake out...

#2 Joe Cox -- I think this has to scream from the top of the mountain as to the talent of this kid. He had an atrocious G-Day, which apparently wasn't reflective of the awesome scout team work he did last year, as well as the good spring and fall he had. The kid has been proven to be a winner, since his record coming out of HS was 31-0. If you ever have the chance to check the stats on this kid from HS, I would encourage you to do so. They were ridiculous. All in all, I like this choice since Cox is more mobile, already has chemisty with the WRs, and from the talk on the Dawgvent, is pretty well respected already within the team.

T-#3 Blake Barnes -- This quasi-surprises me since all I've read from the past two weeks is how comfortable this kid looks in the system. However, before this whole QB race began, we never saw nor heard from him and it didn't look like Richt was very high on him either. This could very well be a placement that will make or break his involvement in the system. Either he pushes himself more and rides the momentum he has created up the depth chart, or he falls to the wayside and we never hear from him again.

T-#3 Matt Stafford -- Damn this has the Dawgvent up in arms. So many people wanted him to be the guy because of his hype. However, previous reports have him as beeing sort of hot/cold in the pocket. His arm strength is uncontested, that's for sure, but his decision making has got to go leaps and bounds ahead of where it is now. Mechanics doesn't win games. Taking the sack, throwing the ball out bounds, tucking and running, and checking to your second and third receiver, does win games. Stafford is getting there, but isn't there yet when it comes to the little things. I like the decision to put him here.

Now, here's the real question. If Stafford hasn't proved himself to be #2 by now (remember, he enrolled early for this chance), do you waste a year of his eligibility to get him some playing time? Will he become the starter by the season's end? What exactly does CMR see in this kid for the future?

If it's me, I throw a redshirt on him. Of course, it's not going to look good to kids like Logan Grey who are counting on coming in 2007, redshirting, sitting a year, and then taking over when Stafford's gone. If Stafford redshirts this year, that puts Grey waiting two years for his chance instead of one. On the other hand, Logan Grey is not the end-all-be-all in Georgia QBs. Hell, if he was smart, he'd still come and play no matter how it shakes out, just to learn from CMR who has proven he can put QBs into the NFL.

The next few weeks will be very interesting in terms of how it is all going to play out.

Now, some quick hits before I leave y'all be for the night:

1. Thanks a ton for all the kind words in regards to the last post. I didn't set out to write something like that, but from the response, it was a pretty decent one. I know one thing's for sure, I miss those days and am looking forward to the first game. It was also great having those old-school guys comment.

2. The King has his newest preview up where he discusses the arch-rival Florida. It's a lengthy one, but a helluva read. I think he's dead on when he says we are matched quite evenly with UF. The "Dawg Food" section with the Urban Meyer hot dog song is classic.

3. Jeb and I were discussing Larry Munson earlier and I thought I'd pose the question to everyone as to when they think he would retire. I know the "Who would replace CMR" question drew a lot of controversy, but there is no doubt that Larry is finishing his tenure as the voice of the Bulldogs. My question is not who would replace him, but how much longer will he go? Discuss.

Well, there you have it. Should be an interesting week and hopefully we'll see some things shake out along the way that will shed some more light on the QB thing. I don't think this whole deal is over at all....

Until next time kids.

Be safe.