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Sunday, August 13, 2006
You're wondering about the title. We'll get to that in just a few.

Vegas was fun. I hesitate to say blast because truth be told, I was out there for such a short time that it was tough to see and do everything I wanted. However, I spent a great amount of time with two great friends and THAT was a blast.

Here's how the list from the previous post shakes out...

1. Place some type of bet on the Dawgs. -- No go. Apparently, they expect us to beat WKU.
2. Win SOMETHING at poker. -- I did on the last night, but proceeded to lose it all about 2 hours later.
3. Drink a lot for free. -- Mission accomplished. This was on Friday, which has its own paragraph below.
4. See hot women. -- Holy shit. I have proclaimed for years that Athens is the most beautiful town in America. I was wrong. Not by much, but I was wrong.
5. Sleep with at least one of them.*** -- No go. I can't do that kind of materialism. It was absolutely awful.
6. Try not to get pick-pocketed. -- This didn't happen. It's a plus in my book.
7. Try not to get pissed when I take a bad beat in poker (I write this after I put my door knob through my wall merely 10 minutes ago after a VERY bad beat.) -- I did take a bad beat. I didn't get angry.
8. Don't think about work at all. -- I called the office at 08:30 on Wednesday. Past that, I didn't think about it one time.
9. Have a drink with someone famous. -- I didn't have a drink with him, but I did shake the hand and say hello to Chuck Liddell of UFC fame. Thankfully, he didn't kick my ass for bothering him.

Photo: The Iceman fears the Notorious One.

10. Have one of the best vacations ever with Stacy G. and Russ. -- Two thumbs up.

I scored 8 out of 10. Not too shabby.

Ok, so Friday gets its own paragraph. Stacy G. was unfortunately sick for most of the trip and Russ and I decided an evening with Dian Diaz was in order. Russ tells me to meet him at the Bellagio so we can see her (she plays the Fontana Lounge) and I beat him there. While I'm walking through the hotel lobbey, I bump into Chuck Liddell and shake his hand, then I bump into Russ.

Dian has the night off for some reason and so Russ and I decide that cheap Let It Ride Poker is the way to go so we haul off through each casino looking for a $5 game so we can sit and drink for free for a long time. We finally fall into Casino Royale (which looks surprisingly like Toppers inside) and after many Jack and Cokes, Let It Ride Poker and Switch Blackjack, we head back to The Mirage.

We hit the No Limit $1/$2 table where the vibe is good and the people at the table are quite nice. My bad beat was when the trip 10s I was holding lost to the only other 10 at the table, who happened to have a Q kicker behind it. I got another $100, and went back. I proceeded to turn it into $250.

Well, there was an "altercation" involving me at such table with some asian kid who wasn't even playing. I'd give you the details, but Russ has promised to blog it. He's a much better story teller than I am, so if he doesn't, I'll fill you in later. All in all, I loved every second.

After the No Limit table (it's now around 05:00), we head to the bar where Russ went the night before. His boy Jose is behind the bar again. I throw Russ' $20 into the video poker machine at the bar when all of a sudden I hear "SHOT OF PATRON" from Russ.

Hell no.

Jose then tells me with a straight face...

"It's ok my friend. like meat."

After that compelling argument, I have to take the shot.

Then the Gentleman Jack (STILL FREE MIND YOU) starts flowing and I proceed to get more and more and more drunk. Then, Russ and I agree that regular Blackjack is the place to end the night. I end up dropping another $100, Russ ends up winning more money and so we call it a night.

A plane ride and I'm home.

So there's Friday. It may not come across on paper that great, but it was a damn blast. I just still feel bad for Stacy G. who felt like shit that night.

Anyway, a couple of quick hits for all those that tend to not frequent the Dawg sites that I'm so notorious for going to...

1. T.J. Gartrell is out for the season after rupturing the patella tendon in his knee (shoutout: This is obviously not good for us regardless of T.J.'s ability to contribute in a meaningful WR role. He's not our number one guy, but we need all WRs to step up and fill those backup spots.

2. In good WR news, the Dawgs got their 14th verbal for 2007 when they locked down Israel Troupe (shoutout: This kid seems like a solid contributor from what I've read. He's not a speedy guy, but I like that he's 200 lbs. I wish he were a little bit taller (6' even) but he's beefy, which might make him a good possession guy.

3. GT sucks my ass. That's not breaking news, but I figured I'd throw that in there.

4. Auburn has cleared the athletic department of any scandal (shoutout: PWD's Georgia Sports Blog). They couldn't fire any of the professors because of tenure, but they did demote them significantly. I hope the NCAA fucks the whole school up bad, but that's just my opinion.

5. Some people think Richt will drop the QB race down to three after this week's practices. I hope he does, but I don't know who he'll cut. Joe T. is not separating himself from the pack and Blake Barnes (who I thought had no shot) is appearing to be stepping up his game. It's as wide open now as it's going to get. Stafford's arm is ridiculous though, so I expect him to still be in it. I think Cox might be the guy on the outside looking in at this point. He's still forcing too many throws.

6. I saw Shockley play while in Vegas. Damn he looked good and his arm is strong as hell. If the NFL is a business like EVERYONE proclaims it to be, then they will cut Randall who has no marketability in Atlanta. The Dawg faithful showed too much support for Shock, who received an overwhelming response in relation to his great play. I still don't even see why they have to cut one guy figuring Matt Shaub is trade bait anyway. My guess is someone will go to the practice squad and then be activated after the trading deadline.

7. Finally, Dawg Sports has listed the preview for the UT game(editor's note: Vandy is up as well and looks to be hilarious). I tend to do my previews a week before the contest, but after reading his, I don't know if I want to put myself under that kind of scrutiny. If you want an information overload, PLEASE check out his previews. They're some kind of good.

Well, as promised from here on out it will be big on UGA, low on Kit. Let's have one helluva football season.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.
Blogger galarza said...
hmmm...sounds like friday night was just a blast. too bad no one called me to meet up with you guys... (dont think i'll forget THAT one for a loooooong time!) :/