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Wednesday, September 06, 2006
Even though I have plenty to say, I'm still way too damn tired, worn out, exhausted, malnurished (kidding), and flat out spent to really post anything worth while. I worked out tonight, which is a bonus, since the 4-day cold from hell kept me in the bed much of last week.

However, I did have time to create a new Munson Mix using Audioslave's "Cochise." It's a chronological account of Munson's greatest calls vs. USC all the way up until last year where D.J. went end-over-end to score the TD.

Anyway, as always, click here to listen to the mix in full and if you want me to send it to you, just shoot me an e-mail at KitZeus99 [at]

A full review of WKU and preview of USC should be up by tomorrow. It shouldn't be too long since most everyone else has already said what I have to say. We'll see, though, since I have the tendency to ramble on until I get my point across.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.