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Wednesday, September 27, 2006
Hi everybody.

So I'm going to take a break from the regular Dawgdom to let you know of a new found friend of mine, Paul Rossano. Paul is the nice fella who decided it would be smart to put an advertisement in the comment section of the Vegas blog that I wrote not too long ago.

I wasn't thrilled.

After doing some digging via the sitemeter below, I found that someone had searched "proprietor blog" and through technology, those words matched up on that particular Vegas post. He clicked, he commented to benefit himself, and then he just left, like a pervert with herpes. He feels the only thing he needs to do is spread himself around without regard to who gets in the way.

So, I found Paul's e-mail which happened to be tied to a ".com." So, I looked up that particular site and low and behold; a phone number.

"May I speak with Paul?"

"Yes, hold on one second."

Unfortunately Paul wasn't around at the time so I left him a voicemail voicing my happiness for his visit to the blog. I made it known that while I hope he had an enjoyable time, please do not return to promote your site without making it known to me first...especially if this is a UGA Football/Kit Says What He Wants to Say blog and not one about real estate. He is more than welcome to call back on my cell phone number that I left as well as the e-mail address that I provided. Should he decided to give that out for shits and giggles, I hope he knows that I can afford the gas money to drive to New York and "voice my displeasure." Don't put it past me. I might even have someone to crash with.

So, if you'd like to e-mail Paul about some real estate in upper NY, please give me a shout and I'll pass his e-mail addy along. Until then, I'll just delete the comment.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.
Blogger Brett said...
Paul Rossano of New York is an asshat.

Blogger Oob said...
I have a pull out couch and a futon. Take your pick! :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Uh, you might want to back off your internet tough guy act on this one. This is the first time I've seen your blog & I only stumbled upon it because I'm searching for PAUL ROSSANO who happens to be somebody you would not want to tangle with. No, I am not him, but I used to be a friend of his & I can tell you that it would be MUCH better for you to NOT take that drive you talk about. Save your gas money & take your girl out for a nice dinner. I don't know exactly what your prob is with Paul or who started it or whatever, but be warned, you DO NOT want to get in his face. Just a public service announcement for you.


Someone who DOES know who you are talking about.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
First of all, there is nothing wrong with advertising your business! If it pisses you off that he was able to "figure out" how to advertise in a way that you never could, perhaps you should go back to school and get an education. Maybe then it wouldn't anger you so much every time you come across someone who thinks outside the box in ways which you can't even imagine with your limited intellect.

By the way, I know Paul personally and he is the nicest guy you will ever want to meet - does endless charity work and helps people any chance he gets. So what if he tried to advertise his business? Your ridiculous outpouring of negativity for something so trivial is actually comical! I hope you get help for that someday pal!
Remember - there's no shame in therapy!
I will tell you this... for your own benefit - let it go! Paul will give the shirt off his back for anyone - but he is not someone you want to play games with. That's all I'm saying