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Thursday, September 07, 2006
So, it's been almost a week since the game.

What do we know about our team?

Answer: NOT MUCH.

The game against WKU was a much more less interesting game than I've seen in a very long time. In fact, if I could go back and watch ESPN, I'd swear they were faking it all day long. It really seems like last weekend was the NFL preseason in comparison to what we have on tap for this forthcoming Gameday.

So, let's break it down, only to build it back up.

Against WKU:

Offense: Stagnant would be an understatement. Joe T. made the right reads, checks, and when he could, throws. A few dropped passes hurt us in the scoring department, but what concerned me the most was the lack of the "most dominant running game in the history of the universe" (feel the sarcasm). Yeah, our stable of backs are good, but without an O-line, which blatantly is obvious, they can only do so much. D. Ware looks good and my boy Kregg is, well Kregg, but we are not going to dominate without depth on the O-line. I still like Cox, even though he didn't show me much. I am also sick and tired of hearing about Stafford. He looks good and polished when IT'S SIMPLE. The real test is going to be later on in the year. I'm really tired of the Faux CMR's screaming to put him in. I want to hear one person tell me that Stafford is ready and actually have the know-how to back it up. Just one.

Defense: Faster. Stronger. Deeper. No, it's not the newest Jenna Jameson flick, but it's our guys wearing the red and black that attack QBs. Our D-line played a little "eh" and so did the linebackers, but I truly believe it was because of the opponent. UGA usually doesn't get up for games that isn't worth getting up for. We tend to shoot ourselves in the foot like that sometimes. Our cornerbacks really weren't tested, except for when we had BLOWN COVERAGE which I believe led to a touchdown. We can't do that kind of shit against the devil. He'll get us. Big shout out to Kelin Johnson who had a helluva day. All in all, I think the "D" stands for Damn good.

Special Teams: LET'S HEAR IT FOR TONY BALL BRINGING SOME "BEAMER BALL" TO THE CLASSIC CITY!!!! Seriously, we looked leagues better on special teams. You take the Mikey Henderson SNAFU out of the mix and you've got one of the most productive special teams day in UGA history. Ely-Kelso apparently had a "Dean's Daughter Date" so he wasn't too amazing, but never forget that he's Ely-Kelso and apart from being at UGA for what seems like 10 years, he's probably one of the best punters in the nation. B.C. looked good as well. The kid has a damn cannon for a leg. We're more than fine in this area.

Against USC:

Offense: Let's make no jokes here. The O-line that has the better day wins the game. We're both absolutely atrocious in this area and it doesn't seem to be getting any better. We're literally one injury away from a very bad start to the season. Let's hope USC doesn't bring very complex blitz packages, because I don't think we're going to light it up via the passing game. However, that's exactly what they're going to do, so we might as well hope we can use the Tight End and Running Backs to take advantage of some short yardage passes. Who knows what'll happen? I can only guess.

Defense: I think it's going to be mighty tough for Blake Mitchell to throw to Sidney Rice from his back. Our damn D-line is packed full of monsters and the Linebackers are too fast to deal with. USC doesn't have a very dominant running game, so I don't expect them to light it up that way. I do expect them to throw the ball...a lot, but not in the area of P. Oliver. Look for the devil to find other not-so-well-known targets to throw our gameplan off. So, here's hoping we bring heat early enough to keep Mitchell from eating up our zone coverage. I honestly think we're pretty solid here and the Cock N' Fire offense doesn't scare me as much this year as it did last.

Special Teams: We own that ass. Other than a very weird punt scheme, I know we have them beat with our FG unit. I also think we're much better against the fake than we were last year. I love the new one man kickoff return unit and Mikey should be back in action Saturday. We're good in this area.

All in all, the game is going to come down to whose Offense doesn't stall. I agree with PWD when he says the first one to 18 wins. I'd even venture to say the first one to score two touchdowns wins. I do disagree with PWD on the intangibles, though. We have a young enough team that might respond negatively to a primetime night game with a crowd like that at Williams-Brice.

I guess we'll just have to see on Saturday.

Dawgs -- 23
USC -- 13

Until next time kids.

Be safe (and Go Dawgs!).