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Sunday, September 17, 2006
Well, the results are in and Geno and I both know jack shit about college football.

EHHHHHHH! Wrong answer!

Geno was with your mother last night Trebek!

Looking at our previous meeting with the Blazers plus the fit they gave Oklahoma, I would say it wasn't UAB looking that poorly, but more UGA's D. looking that damn good.

I'll go ahead and do a quick review, but let me preface that by saying I'm going off what I heard on the radio as well as what I've read between other UGA bloggers like PWD, The King, David Ching, and The Dawgvent.

When UGA had the ball:

Apparently we looked sloppy but Stafford showed major signs of improvement. A zero INT day is a good one in my book, but it seems we're still being plagued by a case of the drops and we also have caught the stupid penalties bug that was circulating the lockerroom last year. The sloppy play on the O-line can be corrected by having them bust their ass the next few weeks on fundamentals while we prepare for the easiest stretch in our schedule leading up to UT.

Stafford will continue to grow into his new role, but I really hope he doesn't get on a tear only for Joe T. to start the UT game. I like Joe T.'s heart, how he reads defenses, and how tough he is, but if Stafford is in a rhythm, I believe you stay with the hot guy.

The running game is shaping up rather well with each back putting their own unique touch on the game. I still think there's a lot of room for improvement in some areas, especially in relation to how T. Brown's been running the ball, but I don't think anyone could ask for more from Danny Ware. Every game he surprises me with a bigger run than expected. Sounds like he really wants to challenge for a starting spot.

Our wide receivers are hit or miss right now, but I think the coaches realize this group needs to be pushed more than previous years' groups due to the young talent. I hope we really put the heat on them and challenge them to make themselves get better. A fine example would be how we benched Mo Mass and Kenneth Harris in an effort to motivate them. More of this please.

When UAB had the ball:

Apparently Erk would've been proud of the JYD defense that was displayed on Saturday. When the opposing team doesn't make it past your 36 yard line, you've had a helluva day defensively no matter how good or bad the other team is playing. Not much to say here other than I hope this streak continues. Why these guys are playing so hard is beyond me, but I like it and here's to more shut outs than ever before.

Special Teams:

My boy Brandon Coutu nailed a 55 yarder. First Billy Bennett and now this kid. I swear, we just do that whole kicking thing well. Ely Kelso also had a great day with what I believe to be a 50-yard punting average (I could be wrong on this part).

Quick Hits:

1. Thomas Flowers appears to be done for the season after tearing a ligament in his foot. The good news is we don't HAVE to have him for this team to win, but his presence was definitely felt on Saturday. I hope it's not as serious as they originally thought, but he is gone for a while, that is for sure.

2. Thoughts and prayers go out to David Pollack. The Dawgvent is lit up with posts about him having a fractured C6. Whether or not this is accurate remains to be seen, but regardless, he had one helluva injury on Sunday. I hope he makes a speedy and full recovery. He does have feeling and movement in all extremeties, but this seems very similar to Decory Bryant's injury from a few years back. Let's hope all shakes out well. There were a few occassions where I visited his apartment and he came to mind due to a mutual friend we had. Other than being quite the cocky fellow, he's incredibly nice and geniune. Again, nothing is confirmed as of now, but a few well wishes wouldn't hurt.

3. Former Dawg Josh Mallard had a good day on Sunday with the Falcons. He knocked the shit out of Chris Simms on one play and really showed some Patrick Kearny type speed from the end. D.J. saw zero playing time, but that's because the game was so close. I'm just waiting for the Falcons to get rid of Shaub so Shock can see some playing time.

4. The hot seat watch continues as Vegas is surely taking bets on when Larry Coker and Chuck Amato will be fired. I'll cite The Dawgvent again when I say that Tubberville seems to be an early buzz word for the Miami job. I still think they go with Butch Davis, but what do I know? My guess is Miami doesn't can Coker until the end of the year since their schedule is cake the rest of the way. However, Amato's key may not work tomorrow.

5. I'll try to get better about 1) My predictions and 2) My blogging frequency. The boss was out all week last week on vacation so I double worked myself all week long. Let's hope this one is less stressful leading up to a guys only weekend in Athens.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
By all means, please continue to predict a score of 23-13! That seems to be working well for us so far!

Blogger galarza said...
is that a real mustache? has it been that long since i've seen you? its scary. :0