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Wednesday, October 11, 2006
It's been covered everywhere.

Some blame The Cherrishinski.

Some say poor field position backed the defense into a wall.

Most blame a poor game plan by Willie Martinez (no link there...too many people).

I blame lack of heart.

A co-worker (who is just as large of a Dawg fan) and myself were discussing what we think went wrong. Her and her husband both believe that it was the first time under Mark Richt that our team gave up.

I somewhat agree with that statement. Usually we are a 2nd half team and our team most of the time will find a way to win the game by adjusting throughout all 4 quarters.

This time, I don't think our team flat out gave up as much as I think they just got too deflated. It's almost broken-record-like how often I say that college football is a game won and lost by heart and heroes. You play to win the game because you want to win the game. Not because it is your job to do so. Danny Ware wanted to get in the game and get some carries against UT, but his paycheck will not be affected due to the fact that he didn't. Mainly because he doesn't get a paycheck at all.

Our team felt the momentum shift just before halftime. They looked slow and on cruise control. They were not the GATA Defense that we saw in the first half. The offense was exactly the same in the second half as it was in the first. It didn't execute as well, and the playcalling wasn't stellar, but it's not like it totally died.

Our desire to win the game crapped out. When we saw UT still being hungry, we got scared. We got f*cking scared. That shouldn't happen in football and it damn sure shouldn't happen to a UGA team, but it did.

So where do we go from here?

It starts within. The Dawg Nation is pissed and everyone is an Offensive/Defensive Coordinator right now. However, the Dawg Nation is not in the lockerroom and it can't fix what's going on. The players inside have to get their shit straight before they do anything else. This team needs to gel in a way that is hasn't yet. They have to trust each other.

Granted, they've got to execute on the fundamentals, but this team will not win until it believes it can. The team believed in the first half but it couldn't carry through. We've got to get hungry and get mean and we have to have to have to have to have to play with more heart.

We're going to have a long year if we don't.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.
Blogger Special K said...
I'm a friend of Russ, Brett et al. I read your blog regularly, and I have to agree with your take on UGA. I've been a huge fan forever - attending almost every home game since September 1974.

One point and one question on the recent events...
Point: This team has no rallying point. Last year it was DJ. The years before, it was the two Davids and before that it was the excitement of a new coach. This team doesn't have anyone to look to. We played lights out defense when we lost ERK. Since then, it hasn't been the same. Someone needs to step up and lead this team. As as teacher, I know it can't come from the coaches. It HAS to come from the kids, someone within their own ranks who they respect.

Question: have you seen anywhere either Martinez, Richt or any other coaches address the question of what our safeties were doing all night long? We sent a safety blitz once...ONCE. It looked to me as if they just stood there all game not knowing what to do while Ainge dumped pass after pass across the line about 8-10 yards down the field.