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Saturday, October 14, 2006
It appears as if the Dawgs are going to be in another "dogfight" when it comes to winning games, so I went ahead and blogged the first 10 minutes and am saving the rest for the last 5.

It should be noted that this game always scares the shit out of me.

Vandy's third possession:

Pressure is coming and no one can get the QB. He throws it and the ball pops up in the air but is not intercepted. Nixon gets off a great pass to the TE who gets ROCKED but holds on to the ball. Kelin Johnson threw the wood to him, but he holds on.

The QB, Nixon, goes deep on first down but throws it out of bounds. The combo of Earl Bennett and Chris Nixon is a good one. This team is not bad. An option goes no where which sets up a 3rd and short. It's 4 down territory so this isn't the last stand. Earl Bennett gets the pass and takes it to our 40 for the first.

Vandy is playing well right now and I don't know if we can stop them. Their kicking game is shaky from far out so we need stops here badly. We're still in 4 down territory. The first pass is bad and now it's second and long. Nixon scrambles and gets to the 35. Now, if we get a stop here, Vandy will probably kick it. WE HAVE TO STOP THEM HERE. Nixon squares up and throws to Bennett and HE DROPS THE PASS!!!!! He looked downfield before he looked the ball in.

Steve Martin is going for it on 4th down. HUGE PLAY HERE. The pass is caught by Sean Walker and gets leveled, but he holds on. Vandy is in FG range. This is looking really bad. Vandy gets another first.

They are well into FG range now and this looks very bad. VERY BAD.

My initial reaction is that our team is coming apart. UGA uses its second time out in case the kicker makes the FG (which I think he will). I just don't see us winning this game. I don't want to give up on the Dawgs, but we just don't look good right now.

Vandy runs it forward and it looks like they're playing for the FG. The TV is showing highlights of when Vandy beat the Dawgs here last 43-30.

We've got 53 seconds on the board which will give us the FG and time to try to get the ball in range to kick it.

We will not have the time to get the ball back. Vandy will give us maybe 1 second left to win this game after they kick the field goal.