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Saturday, October 14, 2006
There's a little bit of upliftment as the TV guys showed CMR at the break getting his team on a knee and firing them up.

UGA's first possession of the 4th:

Screen to Lumpkin sets up a good 15 yard gain. We're driving but we need 8 in order to get this game back in check. Momentum is somewhat on our side, but we're one bad play away from this getting out of hand.

Stafford is playing and he's doing a good job of managing an offense. Some passes aren't exactly where we need them to be but Lumpkin continues to make up for his fumble earlier in the 3rd Quarter. We're on the 11 with one yard for the first. We got the first, and we're in 4 down territory. It's time for the Dawgs to play like the Dawgs.

The first down is done. Lumpkin goes no where. With the way Vandy lined up, a PA pass would've been perfect there. Dawgs are spread 3 wide with Lumpkin out of the shotgun. MARTREZ DROPS THE FOR SURE TOUCHDOWN. If I'm CMR, I go to him again. Vandy is not going to cover him. Lumpkin gets to the 3 on the screen.

CMR is going to go for the points. He gets it and the Dawgs are down 21 - 16.

Vandy's first fouth quarter possession:

UGA doesn't give them great field position. Vandy starts on the 22 and the first play goes no where.


OMG!!! He read the route perfectly, stepped in front, and made the play!!!!

***It should be noted that my roomate called just before this and asked if the Dawg had his UGA scarf on. I said no, ran, got it, and put in on him. Then, we scored****

Dawgs need to go for 2. The play doesn't develop and Matt Stafford tries to scramble for the points. He doesn't get it and the Dawgs need to kick now.

UGA is back in the lead 22-21.

Vandy's second possession:

The kickoff goes into the endzone (I'm really impressed with how Andy Bailey has stepped up today) and the 'Dores take a knee. They begin on the 20 and after a couple of plays it becomes 3rd and short. Dawgs need a big stop here. FUMBLE FUMBLE!!!!!! It appears as if Vandy has the ball. Dawgs need to protect against the fake punt here.

Mikey is back deep and it's 4th and 2. We protect against the fake, and the PUNTER SHANKS IT RIGHT!!! We are going to start with GREAT field position deep into the Vandy territory at the 35. It's good to see Andy kicking well as we might have to go to him shortly.

UGA's second possession:

Stafford is back in the game as it appears that he has the hot hand today. He takes a shot and appears that it will be roughing the passer on Vandy. He was looking downfield on the play but it never materialized.

We need to get Kregg back in the game. Danny has had a couple of hand offs, but hasn't done anything with it so far. We're now into second down (we got an auto-first on an facemask to Stafford) and the Dawgs have Milner down. It doesn't look serious, but he is hurt and will have to come out. It looks to me as if he had the wind knocked out of him. Negative, he's limping. Who knows if it was a cramp, a twist, or a roll. Either way, he's not in right now.

A.J. Bryant drops an easy first down that put the Dawgs in 3rd and long. It could've been intercepted as well, but Stafford put it on the money. Ware gets the hand off on 3rd and it looks like Richt wants the points again. This is a good call here as it forces Vandy into a TD to get something going.

Bailey misses it wide left.