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Sunday, October 01, 2006
I originally had this post's title planned as "I just don't know anymore" in reference to the phone calls I received asking what is happening to our beloved Dawgs.

The truth is both titles are appropriate but I decided "Frustration" was much more accurate.

Firstly, I don't find this to be a bad team. Our talent level on the offensive and defensive side of the ball would indicate this team to be able to compete with anyone in the SEC, much less the nation. If we played up to our talent level on a game-by-game basis, we would be at the top of most teams' "Don't want to play them" list.

Secondly, I DO find this team to be consistently playing down to the talent on the opposite side of the ball. If we feel we should win this game easily, then we play easy.

Bluntly put, I just think we're not playing with heart.

I have said time and time again that I admire college football for the pure fact that most of its participants will not make it to the NFL and they play for the love of playing the game. Heart is what turns young men into men and then takes those men and transforms them into heroes. Heart is what wins championships. Heart brings you from behind in the 4th Quarter. Heart is what you play with at home to give the Number 10 team in the nation a scare when no one expected you to even show up for the game.

Our team has no heart. Currently it has no rallying force. Last year we played for D.J. The year before we played for the Davids. The year before that, we played because no one expected us to.

This year, we play because it's on our schedule. With the current QB situation (I've always been a fan of Joe Cox, but there's no way he should've started that game), our team can't find a rallying force offensively. The three essential elements in running a successful offense are timing, rhythm, and trust. When you have a new QB every second series, you can't have any of those three. Kudos to Richt for figuring that out in the second half.

We need to pick a starter and stick with it unless the chips are completely down (I.E. Colorado). Let the team trust the guy who's taking the ball from the center. Let the team figure out that he WILL put the ball in their hands and all they have to do is catch/run it.

I know we have a ton to work out offensively. Dropped passes are killing us. They're worse this year than they have been in a long time. Mo Mass is our star and he isn't even starting. It's a damn shame when A.J. Bryant and Demiko Goodman are our two productive guys. Not that they're bad people, but they are deep in the WR depth chart. Hell, Kris Durham started tonight. HE STARTED and I don't even know if we got him the ball once.

We've got to get back to the ground game essentials. Mark Richt said he would open the playbook more and he tried, but we have just got to pound the ball more. Game ball without a doubt should go to Kregg Lumpkin who put the team on his back and rode it all the way to the win. His first down conversions kept us alive.

It's time for this team to get serious about playing football. It's extremely apparent that our defense is ready to shine and is quite tired of being what wins us games. They want to go out and play; not keep us from getting in a tougher situation. I can't imagine the pressure they face on a series by series basis when they see the offense struggling. The whole situation is circular and one problem is breeding others. There's only a matter of time before the wheels come off.

That being said, I believe this team is on the way up. UT next week will provide an emotional boost for us. The fans will be into the game and that will put our team into the game. You can imagine that UT will come to Athens expecting to win after their performance today.

Our team needs to put the newspaper down and log off the internet. We need to get back to the basics of blocking downfield, opening holes, and catching the ball. We are a tiered offense that is very stagnant right now. It is time to get back to basics. Offensively we're bad. Defensively we're great (I loved the blitzes tonight).

I'm not ready to give up on the Dawgs and I never will be. Remember, we were very high on this team through three games. There is no sense in getting down on them for two bad ones (which are still WINS). We're still undefeated heading into the meat of our SEC schedule.

October will be a "fun" month for UGA football. Now's the time to step the game up.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.
Anonymous Jeb said...
I agree, the dawgs have not been playing with much heart lately. The defense is doing a great job and I agree with that they are not having much fun because they are always having fight and hold the other teams, while our offense struggles to catch and move the ball down field. The offense has to start coming together and once we get a QB that is starting consistent and much needed leadership on the offense (someone who can hype and fire up the offense and get everyone motivated all the time) I believe that will help the confidence in the players so that our team's talent will shine 24/7 on gameday. It was great to see some freshmen stand out tonight and pick up slack where upper classmen were not carrying there load. This just lets the rest of the Dawg nation know what good talent we will have coming up in the next few years. But what good will it be if there is no leadership on the field. Im very Excited about next weekend against UT. I think the coaching staff is doing a good job during the games to adjust and make changes as needed to positions/plays where deficiences are occuring, ie dropped passes and missed blocks. Our punt team has to do much better with holding blocks or the Dawgs will be without a kicker soon. Go Dawgs! see everyone in Athens GA on SAT.

Blogger Brett said...
KK - My thoughts exactly. Get your text message fingers ready for updates to me next Sat'day.

Blogger Philip said...
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