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Thursday, October 26, 2006
How'd you like to bite my ass?

I'm writing from the birthplace of the Dawg-gone Blog master, known as the metropolis of Perry, Georgia. Aside from the utter lack of buildings larger than 2 stories, there's not much else to talk about.

So, let's get on with my keys to victory, shall we?

1. Dawgs must keep their composure: The Gators will score. They might even score on a big play that totally catches us off guard. Regardless of how they score, they will do it, guaranteed. It's how our team reacts that will be the number one most important thing on Saturday. If we melt down after a huge score or even a 1-yard TD run, this game is over. We must put bad plays out of our mind and then go back to business of answering whatever Florida does with points. Hands down, this is what I feel is the most important thing to do Saturday.

2. Execute the fundamentals: From tackling to catching the ball, it's not about how the X's and O's shake out as much as it is making the tackle at first contact and catching the ball when it's thrown. Everything we need to do right, we need to make Florida do wrong. Kregg's got to have a monster day running the ball (like he mostly does anyway) and our DBs cannot let Gators even touch the ball. If they do, it's a reception.

3. Pressure Leak: If we get after Chris Leak like Auburn did, we will force him to make mistakes. We should learn that sitting back and trying to outsmart another QB is not a good idea (see: Tennessee's Erik Ainge). We gotta put Leak on his butt. Tim Tebow is a talent in the making, but he is not a passer right now, so therefore he's a non-factor. When Tebow's in the game, we need to play man (trust me, he'll throw more in this game) and use pressure to make him make mistakes as well. Pressure pressure pressure pressure pressure!!!!!!

4. No 3rd Quarter Meltdowns: We get complacent when we go into the 3rd Quarter with a lead. That cannot happen in this game and I honestly don't believe it will, but it's still a concern. We just can't think that if a quarter or two goes our way, that it's all going to be sunshine and roses because it isn't. We need to play the 3rd Quarter better than we played the first, end of story.

5. No Turnovers: Matthew Stafford is the future of our team. He is going to be the leader and you're starting to see flashes of it already. If he can protect the ball and repeat all of his good throws from MSU, then we've got a really good shot at this game. If we have 2 INTs (hell, even if we have just 1) we will be out of this game. We have GOT TO PROTECT THE BALL!!!!

Who knows what will really happen but there are a couple of things I like about our position at this very moment before the game.

1. No one's talking about UGA's losses to Florida. Everyone's talking about whether or not UGA can even get it together (Shout out: PWD)

2. There's a lot of hype on Tebow. It will be interesting to see how he handles it when he's called upon to throw more. Urban Meyer picked this game last year to try some new things and I imagine the Tebow = Run offense will be prevelant, but Tebow will sling it around more than we've seen.

3. We've got nothing to lose vs. the Gators have everything to lose. A win helps us immensely, and a loss doesn't kill our season as far as expectations go.

So here's what I believe. I think we come out as a new (but tired) team on Saturday. You'll have two types of Dawgs on your hands. There will be the ones that know they can get it done and ones that need more convincing. If you have more of the former and less of the latter, we make it one helluva game. If the roles are reversed, then we're in for a very long day.

Either way, it's going to be a fight to the end.

I can't even think of a score...Dawgs win, though.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.