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Wednesday, October 04, 2006
First of all, please go check out RocketDawg58's new blog I Bleed Red and Black. He takes about the same stance I do on a lot of things; mainly in citing that our opinions are merely opinions and pretty much are based on nothing.

Now, on with the show.

I hated Georgia Tech for two straight days. I let that team fire my gut into a frenzy of raw emotion filled with bile.

I still hate Tech.

But I'm better now. SWEET.

I have to do a preview today instead of my usual Thursday because apparently corporate America thinks that I'm worthy to fly on their behalf. That's right kids, I've kept my foot out of my mouth long enough to take my first official business trip to the metropolis known as...


What? No cheerleaders?

Yeah, I'm pumped about the opportunity, but the trip I'm not so stoked about. Laredo, TX is fine enough, but when they told me I was going to make a quick trip across the border into Mexico, things got a little uneasy around the pit of my stomach area.

No, I don't have a passport.

This will be interesting.

If I don't come back (which I will, it just might take a little while longer, but I can swim) then make sure someone buys my UT ticket for this weekend.

So, wish me luck. I get to fly 4 times and go to Mexico within a span of 30 hours. That kind of shit is WAY high up on my to-do list.

What to expect from the game:

When UGA has the ball:

1. Joe T. starting is a good thing for us. I think it's been proven that neither of the Freshman QBs can get it done yet and it's not a knock on them, it's more of a testament to how complicated running an offense can be. Couple that with it being a Mark Richt offense (which is more about passing efficiency than the big play in my opinion), and you've got a recipe for confusion due to audibles and checks. Joe T. is fucking smart. We won't have confusion as to what play to run. We just have to worry about his athletic ability to get the ball where it needs to be.

2. UT is going to stuff 8 in the box and dare us to throw it. They've seen the film and they know the running game's going to be what we go to first, especially to knock the rust off of the now-kinda-healthy-but-not-completely-ready QB. When you couple that with a less than stellar (but still good) O-line, you're looking at a not-very-productive running game. We've got to throw the ball to the RBs some in order to get them to respect the run. Hell, let's even toss a screen or two out there to get it going. My thought is we won't be very effective on the ground.

When UT has the ball:

1. Ainge is a pocket passer. This makes our DTs, DEs, and LBs very happy. If we can do what we're supposed to do and blitz the hell out of Ainge, we've got a good shot of not being carved up by a very good WR corps. However, if we play zone and sit back, then it's going to be a very long day. We need to let our DBs do what they do best and put a hat on them. UT's ground attack isn't the best ever, so let's put some pressure on Ainge and force him to screw up.

2. As covered earlier, the ground attack is not that great. I know Ole Miss got a bunch of yards, blah blah blah. That's not going to happen against UT I don't believe. I expect a much different performance in regards to this area of the game.

Special Teams:

1. UT is good and possibly better than last year. Good punter, solid kicker. Return-wise, they're not that great.

2. However, all the way around I believe we're better. Coutu still hasn't shown the cannon because honestly, we haven't needed him to. Ely-Kelso didn't look that hot against Ole Miss, but maybe he was having an off game. As far as blocking on KRs, PRs, Punts, etc. etc., understand that will not happen again. Period.

All in all, this is going to be a dog fight from start to finish. UT will not let us make it look easy like they have the past 3 of 4 years. It just isn't going to happen like that.

I'm honestly undecided as to what will happen. I'm just not feeling it from our team. They are not impressing me with what's coming out of their mouths. I still don't believe that THEY believe they can win. That's the most important factor in getting a "W" Saturday. If we feel like we have someing to prove, play with a chip on our shoulder, and hit someone in the mouth, then yeah, we've got a great shot. If we come out hoping to do our best; we're done before the whistle even blows.

It should make for one interesting game. My brain puts the Dawgs on a loss here (SORRY!), but my heart won't let me do it. No Geno this week. He's had three predictions and two bad games. Sorry man, but we'll see you after the season.

Predicted Score:
UGA -- 24
UT -- 20

Until next time kids.

Be safe (and Go Dawgs!).
Blogger RocketDawg58 said...
Thanks for the props! I feel the same way about the game. My head says we are going down, but I just can't believe that a CMR team is going to come out and lay an egg at home.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
hey i do my own journal with a top 25 writeup on every team. i'm a georgia tech fan because i go there, but i have to say you did an excellent job right here. i was looking for the georgia song lyrics for 'who's that coming down the track' but i didn't find it, but i did read the tenn analysis and really enjoyed it. you're good, bro. we'll be pulling for you tonight and every night until you play us. go to gus; tavern on broad street on friday night one time when you guys have another home game, i'll probably be there listening to a band called wormsloew.

again, good job man