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Saturday, October 14, 2006
But since a 3 days-from-going decision kept me at home this weekend, I thought it would be interesting to take a series by series account of what's going on. I didn't think this to be a good idea until I saw my roomate's laptop so I missed the first series of each team. Highlights so far include the Defense REALLY getting after it and the Offense producing no turnovers.

It should be

Since I'm getting a little bit of a late start, here it goes.

Vanderbilt's second possession:

A start on the Vandy 25 gives them pretty crappy field position but their athletic QB would scare me had our Defense not come out form the get-go looking so damn tough. This is the defense of the first half against Tennessee. I'm not sure anyone on the Georgia team is playing better all around than Tony Taylor. Holy shit, a holding call...the SECOND one of the day. I thought it was in the rulebook that holding UGA was ok.

Vandy punts. Damn Mikey, be careful with that ball.

UGA's second possession:

Starts at our own 40. O-line seems to be blocking well. TB and Kregg both had some holes to run through, but couldn't get past Vandy's LBs. Kregg picks up a good first down for us after using his vision to bounce it outside. If his pass protection would've held up last week, there's no doubt he would've started. JOE T. WITH A HUGE RUN A LA HERSCHEL WALKER!!! He flat out ran over that guy!!!!!!!

Another running play produces the fifth straight run in this series. It looks like we're finally going to that ground game to set up the rest of the playbook. Just a random thought here, but I really miss having that TE to go to in clutch situations. Martrez is so hot and cold that it makes it very tough to count on him on 3rd and long.

A.J. Bryant just caught a long pass, looks to be around 20 yards. He came back for the ball just like you would want him to. A.J. is another guy who is finally becoming what we wanted him to be.

Shit, someone just went down and it doesn't look good. Damn it's the Big Cheese Chester Adams. He is in some obvious pain. It's not coming across well enough on television to indicate what is wrong with him. Damn commercials.

According to Loran, they're working on the left ankle of the Cheese. That's NOT GOOD.

After a pass gets batted at the line, we have to kick for 3. It's good. Damn, I really wanted 7. I just saw some old school Georgettes on the TV, and when I say "old school" I mean "I know them." They still look good, which is nice.

Vandy's third series (I'll post at the quarter.):

The Cheese has gone to the back to get Xrays. He might be out for a while. Initially, I'd say there's no way he'd be back for Florida.

The kickoff puts Vandy at the 20 and runs down the quarter.

More to come....