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Tuesday, October 17, 2006
I don't want to leave you guys for days without any ramblings from myself, so I figured a few quick hits about what's going on would help some...

1) Joe T. will NOT be the starter this Saturday against Mississippi State. It appears as if the Matthew Stafford era has begun. I personally like this move, not because (to some) it symbolizes our season being over, but because it basically gives Stafford a very good safety valve off the bench should he struggle. In related news, Joe T. solidified his place in the "Heart Hall of Fame" when CMR addressed the media and gave this gem of a quote:

"When Joe T. heard the news, he was disappointed," Richt said, "but after a couple of minutes, he asked Coach (Mike) Bobo, 'Is there someplace else I can play to help us win? Is there anything I can do for the team?' That was pretty inspiring. He inspires me."

That's the mark of someone who is a Dawg. If only our fans would act that way sometimes.

2) PWD and The King are all over UGA not having an opponent for 2007 now that the Beavers have backed out on us. If you care about college football at all (regardless of whether or not you like UGA) I would emplore you to go check out this entry by The King in which he petitions the Dawg Nation to get behind a UGA vs. Texas series for Labor Day. The benefits of this include: Strength of Schedule boost, national attention for both programs, the first game in 20+ years between the two schools, and finally, the fulfillment of the 12th game. Please take the time to go to Kyle's site and write Damon Evans as well as the AD for Texas.

3) I will be in Athens this weekend for the final show of Funkle Ester. It is still uncertain as to whether or not I will go to the MSU game, but if you need tickets, I have a couple that I can get my hands on. They'll be no good to me since I would be in the student section if I do decide to attend. They're not the best seats ever, but they will do the trick. Let me know via comments or e-mail if you could use them. I'll be honest, I'm not looking to make money on them...just looking to not lose it.

4) If you've met me before and you've been to my house (even if you haven't actually), let me know what you're doing for the Auburn game. I might have something planned.

5) Seriously, I know on paper that we shouldn't stand a chance against Florida, but I'm really pumped about this game now. Even if Remarcus Brown hurt his hamstring today.

No seriously. I'm still pumped.

6) Finally, there are some quality blogs out there that have been kind enough to link me up and it's about time that I do the same. Expect that all to happen tomorrow so there may not be a new post for a day or two. I'm sorry it's taken so long for me to do what I should've done weeks/months ago, but it is what it is. We've all got jobs...I think.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.
Blogger Dave said...
Hell yes on your Joe T having heart. As for our fans, I bet a lot of UGA season ticket holders will be seeing new, unknown people sitting near them on Saturday.

Glad you'll be there Friday!

And easy on the "job" comments.