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Saturday, October 14, 2006
The Dawgs have two seconds to get this ball into the endzone. Munson thinks that we are going to try some kind of trickeration and I agree.

"And at this moment, we have lost." -- Larry Munson

I believe Vandy is going to kick it short.

He does and Vandy wins.

Blogger JOJO said...
Bright side: This should get us a discount on our Florida tickets.

Blogger JOJO said...
And by the way we need a coaching change bad our receiving coach has got to go.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome back to the 3rd best team in the SEC EAST. Hope you enjoyed the past 4 years cause its over. See you in 20 years

Vandy Pete

Blogger Stacy said...
Did somebody from Vandy really post that shit on here? I mean, yay, they won, but let's get honest: Vandy has never and will never be even a SEC Championship contender, so STFU!

Every Dawg has its day....I'll stand by the Dawgs even through the rebuilding years, because we all know that the future is looking good....

I have tickets to Florida if you and Jojo wanna sit with Enon and I....lemme know! (E paid $100 a piece)